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Ok guys, why is it when a guy has a girlfriend, he still has to flirt with other girls? Almost every guy I know does this and it drives me crazy. So any info would help a lot.

Why do girls with boyfriends still dress provocatively when they’re just ‘going out with the girls?’

Have you looked at the name of this website? Of course a man with anywhere near the right amount of T is going to look. He may even be friendly. You definition of flirting for guys may need some adjustment (per “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”). It is being friendly to us and to you it is Flirting?
To the proper T-man a woman has not been properly checked out until she has had a complete visual, tacital and lingual inspection. Short of that it is just being friendly. :wink:

See those big yellow letters at the top of the page?..

Guys look just to look, & maybe picture the girl naked, usually that’s all.

What is your definition of flirting? I dated this girl once that got all bent out of shape if I smiled or laughed while conversing with another woman. Oh yah, I almost forgot to say that girls are worse. Women by nature are attention whores IMO. I am allways amazed at how often even married women get flirty with me, guess I’m just “The Man” hahaha j/k.

I know I do flirt all of the time. I’m going to explain it by telling you what my momma always taught me. She explained that it is always important that people feel not only attractive for their mate, but also for other people. See, if you’re girlfriend says you look good, you can’t believe it because she HAS to say so. I am away from my gf so much that I still want to know that women find me attractive. Flirting helps me do that. …or Theory Two: Even if you have an ace on the mound, you still develop your minor leaguers in case your star goes down with an injury.

I haven’t met many women that don’t do the same thing. As long as it goes no further, I don’t see what the harm is. But in respect to guys, we’ve evolved to spread our seed all over. Our concept of genetic viability is partially built around our ability to snag women. The modern male need not actually impregnate them, but he may at least establish his desirability.

And yeah, like, what if the girlfriend breaks up with you? Gotta stay in fighting shape, you know.

So why do girls have to get half naked and go dancing at the local scum club. Then complain to us the next day that some guy 20yrs older than them was trying to grope them all night long. At least guys have brains enough to know how to handle certain situations. Guys dont have girls taking advantage of them when they are drunk(or at least its rare). Girls will wear nothing and go to the worst place and get drunk. Then the next day they can’t figure out why so many scumbags were trying to get with them. Do they ever learn?

It’s important to keep your skills polished in the event that your GF wakes up one day and decides to go bang the football team (maybe the hockey team, too). Besides, a lot of guys have much bigger balls when it comes flirting with girls when they already have a girlfriend because they don’t care if the girl shoots him down or is a total bitch or whatever; they know they can always go home and stab their own girlfriend. And, as some poster already mentioned, this definitely goes both ways. In my experience, girls are a lot worse than guys about this (but that’s just me).

Because if guys are with their gf then they are making her feel even more attracted to him by flirting with others. It makes you want him all to yourself doesn’t it? and if that happened you would eventually consider him a whipped pussy and break up with him. It lets you know that he has other options in a way that is not assholish. Pretty simple huh? You should try flirting with other guys around him, this REALLY pisses us off and works in the same way. However, don’t go too far…that would be mean.

Gee Curious Gal, why is it that when I have a girlfriend I get alot more attention from other women than when I don’t have a date?

Hey guys! Great way to pick-up chicks is the show up at a motel bar near some kind of training center wearing a wedding ring. Sit at the bar and be friendly. The women who are there for training and looking will hit on you. They figure your married and won’t cause problems when they say goodbye. And C-girly was worried about us!

I think that the reason some girls like to go after guys that are already taken is because they want what they can’t have.