What should a guy do if his girlfriend flirts with other guys?

Well if its just innocent talking or whatever, don’t sweat it, but if its more than that ditch her and if the guys are hitting back on her while shes with you take care of them too.

Depends on the level of flirting… if she’s trying to get in the sac with these guys… i’d have a serious talk with her… but otherwise, a lot of girls just have very bubbley, flirty personalities… unless it’s really bothering you, i wouldn’t worry about it!

Well, flirt with other girls of course.

why don’t you start flirting with the same guys! that will teach her a lesson! MAUAHAHAHAHAHA EVIL

Hmmm… Depends a lot on the situations, what the girlfriend is really like all the time, who she’s “flirting” with, etc. A lot of the time, what a guy sees as flirting is mostly wishful thinking. If she did these things with you, and you saw it as interest, it may not have really been that. It may be that she’s just that way with every one, and you interpreted it as her interested in you. Now you’re seeing her doing it with others, and you see it as flirting with other guys. I’m not saying this is the case, as I don’t have enough information to say so, but it MAY be a possibility. Are you comfortable enough with her to talk about it? Might be a good idea.

What is your definition of flirting? Talking laughing and haveing a good time? So what? If she has a history of cheating that’s one thing, but if you trust her you have no reason to be jealous and possesive. If she talks to other guys and they show interest in her and she shuts them down and leaves with you, it’s all good.

ignore it. some of our boyfriends do it all the time and think nothing of it.

Whenever you see your girl getting too friendly with a guy just walk up to her and loudly ask her “So, has the penicilin cleared up the dischare yet?” He’ll back the fuck off.

Flirt with other girls, definitely. If this doesn’t bother her, then you have gained an extra freedom in your relationship (at the cost of giving her one); if it does bother her, then you can just make a deal with her: ‘I won’t flirt if you won’t.’

Be thankful that other guys find her attractive enough to play along. However, if she constantly flirts with others in your presence and it pisses you off, you’d better let her know before you blow up. Paying attention to her might be a good idea, too, as that might be the exact response she’s trying to elicit. :slight_smile:

I can tell you what my reaction would be. If it’s just a case of “personality”, i.e. bubbly and friendly, it wouldn’t matter to me at all. After all, that’s just who she is, and I’d be confident enough that she wasn’t trying to actually sleep with any of the guys. But if it was a case of “let’s see how he reacts to this”, i.e. a kind of test to see if I “really care” enough to get jealous or whatver, I would (a) ask her to stop, and (b) if she didn’t, I’d dump her like a sack of Idaho spuds. I don’t like mind games at all.

if she’s flirts, then you should take the opportunity to flirt with women

Dump her, she will cheat. I’ve learned that from experience.

Get rid of her. If she is doing this while you date and its pretty serious dating. Then she will always be this way. Explain this to her that you don’t like it and if it continues then you’ll just have to replace her.

Tell her it gets to you first if she doesn’t stop drop the bitch.

Two options. Either don’t let her out of the kitchen again (you may have to result to some sort of leash.) Or either have your dick in her mouth so much her jaw is tired to speak.

Would you guys relax??? Is she just talking to them, or touching/hugging etc? Are these strangers or friends? Is it in public or in a small group? What is your definition of flirting? Do you own her or do you just have a need to control her?

I agree with Demo Dick.

Michelle, you’re twisted!