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Flirting with Faculty

I like my professor. She is a PhD and has a great pair of legs. What more do I need? This might be a problem.

Are you a student??

Flirting, Is there a problem w/ that I hope not. It may work in to your advatage. If she likes you also you may get an easier A as a grade. Work the situation to your advantage. But, just watch out if she has no intreast back off.

But, if she does she has more at fault then you do since she is a hire position of authority.

So I don’t see a problem for you unless its a distracting and you can’t concentrate at all.

I’d hit it!

but is she a science or math professor? If so, she probably doesn’t speak english.

Does she have tenure?

Go for it, dude. That is just about every college guy’s fantasy. I’ve flirted before with my undergrad profs, and I know I could’ve gone out with one of them, but I was taken (and still am). Go to her office hours and look at the pics in her office. If there are no guys, then go for it.

fitone, you ever nailed one of your teachers/professors?

Forget it during the semester. She could get fired for dating you, if things went wrong. Dating your students is considered off-limits. She’d have to really, really, really like you a lot.

After the semester is over, it’s a different story. Then she won’t get fired, just maybe some raised eyebrows from her colleagues, if there is an age difference.

Are you in a Master’s program, or an undergrad?

Having a crush on your professor is cute, but it’s a little bit like having a crush on your boss… be careful.

Ahhhhh, the memories.

She’s my Organizational Behavior professor. It’s her first year at this school. I’d like to show her around.

CMC, I want a full report on my desk first thing in the morning. Now get to it.

This never happened to me. Oh wait, I was in Computer Science. That’s why.

What should my approach be like? I sent her an e-mail yesterday regarding a class topic and I made sure to be witty. I make odd comments here and there to her as I’m leaving after class. I haven’t taken J-Dub’s (or whatever the hell he’s calling himself today) advice and gone to her office yet. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She also said today that she doesn’t have many friends in the area. Do you think I could pull off asking her to meet me somewhere on campus for coffee or something to “discuss” organizational type shit? This is so exciting. I feel like I’m James Bond. You know, it’s obvious that what this woman really wants is some deep dicking [Chasing Amy reference].

Maybe not.

Yeah, not.

Sweet, I’ll be watching this one.

If she seems receptive to your wit and conversation, outside of her teacher obligations, step up and take it out of the classroom. However, be patient and first lay some solid foundations. Strike too early and all bets are off.

She DOES want a deep-dicking (whether she knows it or not). Definitely ask to meet her for coffee or lunch to talk “business”, but once you’re having said lunch/coffee make the conversation personal. See what happens from there. I slept with one of my professors about two years ago, but I hooked up with her at a popular bar/club so she was clearly up for some action (she was drinking liberally with other girlfriends and was definitely dressed to get undressed). The best/hottest part was being in class and giving each other looks when no one had any idea. Damn, now I’m all worked up… I’m going to the bathroom, later…

jesus dude, just talk to her. if you’re afraid that either one [or both] of you are going to get in trouble, hold off. the only downside is, if she ISN’T diggin you and you try to holler at her, you might have to switch majors. just be yourself and talk to her man, the whole “i dont have many friends here” sounds like an open invitation from where im sittin. than again, it is a crooked chair.
good luck bro, flash

TheKid: That is awesome, bro. Do you go to Iowa State or something? Was this professor Larry Eustachy’s friend? I can’t believe you hooked up with her at a bar.

Flash: I have talked to her. I just haven’t been explicit about my intentions. She’s not going to be receptive to the “hey, I want to hit it” line.

Don’t fuck this up CMC. Everyone is watching.

ditto what ryno said! Don’t fuck up. Not there is any pressure or anything…;o)