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Flipcollar's Gonna Bulk


what do you reckon your body fat to be around in this pictures Flip?


I think it has to be below 10. But I don’t really play the numbers game. The definition in the obliques/serratus, and the fact that I don’t have any areas where i can pinch much fat at all, make me think this. Plus quad veins.


Dude your shoulder vein looks like it has its own shoulder vein. That is fucking awesome.


What body fat % is that?


My guess is 9ish.

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I am impressed with your February beard. I’m very impressed with your weight slowly but consistently climbing while strength numbers continue to progress. Good work!


Great work there Flip, you’re physique never ceases to amaze me. Are you still PCT’ing or blasting and cruising from here on out?


I’d prefer that you ask that sort of question in the pharma section. but the answer is b/c.


Your shoulders make you look like venom from the comics. Looking sick!


Man Flip… I haven’t been on in a while (this new Forum format drives me crazy).

You look awesome - congratulations on the progress. Keep it up.


time to start putting on weight again. this is probably the leanest I’ve ever been. 190 this morning. goal weight long term is 210 with similar bodyfat.


You look really good. Nice tight midsection and muscles look full. Good job. You have made a lot of progress over the years. Thank you for keeping a log of the progress.
P.S. Thank you for blacking out the growing area.


Hey @flipcollar -

Hope all is good. Had a question if you don’t mind me asking - what does your rest look like? How often, anything on rest days, diet mods on rest days (if any)?

Thanks for answering if you get a chance. Always enjoy your insight and no bullshit forum input.



soooooo I can tell you what I TRY to do, and what I’ve actually been doing recently.

My goal is 4 days in the gym per week. I used to structure my week around a OHP day, a bench day, a squat day, and a deadlift day. However, since I started training for strongman, I’ve turned deadlift day into strongman event day, on which I run through 3-4 strongman events. This works well for me right now, because I’ve always felt like I don’t make great progress on my deadlift if I do it every week. Every other week works better for me. So I’ll work it into my strongman session about every other week. As far as rest goes, I ALWAYS take the day off from the gym the day after strongman, and I would do the same with a regular deadlift session.

In reality, I’ve skipped a lot of OHP days recently. I’ve mostly been hitting the gym 3 days a week rather than 4, and since I do ohp with implements every strongman day, it’s not a huge deal to skip my barbell overhead work.

I don’t do anything on my rest days, but that’s mostly because I don’t have time. I like the idea of a little active recovery, but having a 2 year old at home half the time really cuts into my ability to do that. The only dietary difference on rest days is no pre/post workout nutrition. I consume plazma for workouts, and i’m not doing that on rest days. I believe more in hitting kind of an overall macro goal over the course of a week rather than getting into too much minutia from day to day. It MIGHT be somewhat beneficial for higher level athletes to adjust their diet for rest and lifting days, but I’m nowhere near that kind of level.


Right on - thanks man.


Since this in the rate your physique I’ll start off with the worst criticism first which isn’t easy. You’re huge, shredded, vascular and fairly balanced; especially since you’ve brought your shoulders and arms up over the duration of this thread to match the rest
It’s hard to see but your calves look like they’re severely lacking. It could just be the one pic but your calves don’t look like there is much happening there and your quads are insanely developed. You might need to bring your calves up to balance out your physique
Of course, that depends on what your goals are but this is rate your physique
Other than that… Jeez dude! Keep it up. You look ALOT bigger than your scale weight. You’re traps are crazy too


That’s an extremely fair point. I never work my calves directly. I just measured them and they’re about 15", so you’re absolutely right. I would need to improve that tremendously if I ever wanted to step on stage. And they probably look even smaller because of my upper leg size. I think I’ll work those into my routine going forward.