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Flipcollar's Gonna Bulk


thanks man, I really appreciate that! I don’t put a lot of stock in the rating, ya know? If I wanted to have an 8 rating, I’d have to be a blonde girl with a huge ass. Apparently that’s how you get a high rating in this section.

It actually serves me pretty well to stay light, since powerlifting is my focus. So keeping excess fat off is pretty important. 215ish at my current level of leanness is probably something of a long-term goal for me. I think the 198 weight class is more reasonable for my height than 181 is, although my numbers are nationally competitive as a 181. I believe I’ll be the 25th ranked lifter in the country in my class when powerliftingwatch updates their board. I’d like a higher ranking, and I don’t think I can achieve much more as a 181.


arms are small, but not terrible.


Sweet lat vein


Looking great, I think. Sounds like the PLing is going well, too.


[quote]kpsnap wrote:
Looking great, I think. Sounds like the PLing is going well, too.[/quote]

Thanks! yes my meet went extremely well. Hoping to add 100 lbs to my total and move up a weight class by next year.


Awesome wheels Flip. Do you strictly back squat or front squat as well?


[quote]laxtreme56 wrote:
Awesome wheels Flip. Do you strictly back squat or front squat as well?[/quote]

Just back squats. Funny that you ask that, because I did a set of front squats on Friday. I remembered why I don’t do them. I’m so bad at holding the rack position.


recent picture. weighing just under 200.


looking strong. on a side note, you look very similar to this guy I work with. He’s a grade A asshole. Want to hear what a huge asshole he is? I just heard today he got the CHAPLAIN to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE at work. Now the chaplain is not allowed into the institution. The fucking chaplain.


Nice job, Flip. It’s impressive that you’re able to build yourself up without really adding any noticeable bodyfat. Keep up the good work.


Posting a few random pics from the last month or so.


Current bw is low 190s in the morning. This picture I was probably a few lbs heavier.


I’m thinking my lat insertion points are fairly favorable from a bb perspectice. What do you guys think?


fatty fatty fatty fatty

(posts have to be at least 20 characters these days, otherwise I’d have just called you fatty once, fatty)


The pic’s not the best angle to judge, but the lats look to insert pretty low on the back. Why do you ask? You thinking of doing a competition or something?


I consider it from time to time. I wouldn’t hate training for something that doesn’t destroy my joints for a few months, lol. And I think I’ve built enough size to not embarrass myself on stage at this point.


Took this picture today. My weight this morning was the highest it’s ever been fasted, at 204. Still pretty lean. Also the strongest I’ve ever been.


Lookin good Flip, with the whole beard/traps thing going, you look like you don’t even have a neck(that’s a a compliment, duh).


Just a lil’ update. I’ve lost about 10 lbs since the last picture. Not as strong as I was, but I’m leaner, and haven’t lost that much strength. Maybe about 20 lbs on each of the big 3. Life has gotten in the way of gains recently. About to start pushing weight back up though.