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Flipcollar's Gonna Bulk


HA! great observation.

btw, I saw your recent paused bench video. That flew up, looked fantastic. I'm pretty jealous of your benching ability. I've been completely revamping my form lately, trying to get stronger and prevent injuries.


Fucking awesome bulk flip. That's how a bulk should be done.


Haven't updated in awhile. I'm up about 12ish lbs since the last picture. Lifts are going well. Up 50ish lbs on squat since the last picture, 40ish on deadlift, and 25ish on bench press. And still pretty lean.


wheelz. and an awesome shirt.


Lookin good bro!


Did you ever detail how you got from pic 1 to pic 2?


My training log, starting at the end of September/beginning of October.


Cool, I'm gonna check it out.


Looks like most of the 12 lb gain has been lean body mass.


That's some sick shoulder vascularity. Wolverine type shit. It's even on your god damn traps.


just a lil' update. I'm about 10 days from a PL meet, where I expect to compete as a 181. During my prep for this meet, I've seen up to 200 lbs on the scale for the first time in my life. Strength is very good right now. I plan to open with a 440 squat, a 330 bench, and a 520 deadlift. If all goes well, I should total something in the mid 1400's.

But of course, this is rate my physique, not rate my total. Morning weight right now is around 192.




last one. Wanted to get a leg shot, but they all came out blurry.


Looking big, man. Strong work.


Thanks man! Your pictures you posted from your competition were awesome. My focus in my own training is powerlifting, but my favorite threads to read on here are the bodybuilding/physique competition ones. I'm super impressed by guys like you who have the discipline to get on stage.


Dude that's awesome, you look like a beast and your pl total aims are big! I probably missed it but did you go over your diet at all? I'm trying to put on some size, and you are definitely someone I could learn from


Thanks man. My meet was actually this weekend, and I totaled 1470.

My log would be the best place to look for that kind of thing. And also my last RMP thread I think, but I can go over the basics again here, as I don't do anything really complex. I drink a whey isolate shake throughout the day, which comes out to about 100g of protein. I generally skip breakfast. Lunch is leftovers from the previous dinner, or maybe bbq from a place down the street from my office. Dinner is whatever my wife cooks, lol. I just eat as much as I can of it.

We eat really clean, so there's little to no junk food in my diet generally. My wife cooks from scratch, and uses high quality ingredients. Although during this meet prep, I added in some candy bars and regular sodas to try to up my carb intake a bit. Peri workout nutrition is Plazma. I don't count macros, I just try to get at least bodyweight in protein. And I'm willing to keep carbs pretty high. Fats are the hardest thing for me to get in my diet, and they mostly come from cooking oils and butter.


Awesome, I'll suss out your logs as well, but thanks for that input mate


I don't understand this.

I gave this guy a 8. You could make an argument for 7 if you like the thick/massive type.

But 5.2? WTF

He must have pissed off some folks or people are jealous. The dude looks great.


And I gave him an 8 due to conditioning. You can tell he is very dedicated. And strong. He could probably be 215 and have good definition and be huge. But his current shape shows more dedication imo.