Flipcollar's 2018 Transformation... Seriously Though I'm Gonna Look the Same

Hey guys! Figured I might as well start one of these, I’ll try to keep up with it.

I haven’t been training much recently, but next week I should start doing better, I’ll have a little more time available than I have recently. Over the holidays, I got bronchitis, lost my appetite completely, and lost a lot of the weight I’d been gaining in December. I’m 190-195 lbs right now. So this is really a more accurate representation of my starting point than the before pictures I already posted. Not a big deal though.

This Saturday I’ll be competing as a 181 competitor again in a Strongman show. The plan previously was to do 198, but it looks like they’ll be combining the 198’s and 220’s, so at my bodyweight, it was a no brainer to just do a cut instead and make sure I take a win. The overall plan right now is to just qualify for nationals now, and then spend the next 5 months training for it. So I’m sticking to that rather than trying to challenge myself this weekend unnecessarily. Because goals.

After Saturday, I’ll start eating like a madman. I’m going to try to push my weight up to 210 and hold it there until the summer.

In strongman news, I found out yesterday I hold a few state records. I’ve got the axle clean and press at 265, the axle deadlift off the floor at 545, and I"ll be taking the regular deadlift record in the mid to high 500’s this weekend. The log press is to high for me to take, some asshole did 300 at a 181 bodyweight, lol.

The events this weekend suit me well. Max deadlift, max log, stone medley, thors hammer hold (hold a heavy hammer in front of you for time), and farmers carries at 200 per hand. I’m planning on skipping the farmers carry because I will win all the other events. Unless for some reason the same guy takes 2nd in everything, then I might need to actually do the run. We’ll see.


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