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Flight and Power

Waist 34 3/4 so new PR there and weight is 88.9 and I give up on that.

Progress photo, no idea how to pose so just took a video and tried to look good. Waist line abs are the last part to come in (as always) but I am pretty sure I saw the beginnings of an ab vein!!! Which if I got that would trump any and all other veins.

Body Fat %?

The gym has suffered as the week went on, squats have been good but I have been training too many things every day (pullups, presses) and it has caught up with me. I am not really allowed to train people (gym rule for non-associates) so I try to train with them but the clients training comes first that hour so I do a lot of duplicate stuff. i am looking forward to getting this last squat session in of the week and then light health/mobility work. I am not sure if I deadlift tomorrow. Back is 90% so probably I will.


Looking good mate. I’d guess sub 10%

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WOW… VeryVery Nice!!! I also enjoy your log because it’s different from others I’ve seen. Keep it up Mr. :wink: motivating!

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Wasn’t going to do anything special today buuut I have a no squat day tomorrow and my gym support was there and my back was feeling good sooooo

After Squats some 1 Hand assisted work and some gunz, skipped mobility and delt health because was lazy. Will do tomorrow with Deads or dead stuff.

Wow way better than I thought, still a little further.

Thank you!!!

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HELL YES… all of that weight was really impressive and I’m excited to see more :smiley: Your partner is awesome!! Sooooo is that the type of music you listen to when you workout?


No. The music in these videos was mixed by some friends and I think music helps the viewing pleasure. This clip just seemed perfect for this video.

In the gym it is normally a pretty eclectic mix. 90s alternative, Ecstasy of Gold, Bond Themes, angry rap (but anything with homophobic or sexist messages I delete, #NODMX) sometimes techno, I have even had Village People and Jimmy Buffet on playlists. For a PR though I get the angriest stuff I can find and just stew my whole walk to the gym like a pouting child LOL


You absolutely are eclectic LOL!!! Wow well that’s cool depending on your mood. I am a little that way too but it has to be energetic for sure. Very cool!

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Beautiful rainy day here. It always makes me laugh in my head when I see people treat rain like acid falling from the sky. I guess with todays pollution maybe they are right #sadpanda

Sunday Funday Deads, then a little hammie bridges and joint health work. Back had the twinge that makes one nervous but the deads were unaffected.

I used to hook grip, then I kind of lost patience. I tore a good half-inch of skin off the inside of my right thumb pulling what was then my PR of 473 lbs and since then I’ve barely bothered with it. I should probably give it another go but I never seem to find it important enough.

I know I am really long winded so bold stuff is the main take aways.

AM SKWATS Was feeling a little run down (diet new PR and squat daily has its tolls) and intimidated (new PR means new daily min and new sets 135-225-315-405(DM)-455-495-535-+10s) on my way in. Minor Sciatica and no spotter so I took an out and did 2-2-1s @ 135-225-315-405-455-475 it is a little surreal to have 405 and 455 be my 4th and 5th set.

AM Pullup 1RM Test 3-2-1s @ BW-45-90-135-160-and 90% of a rep @ 180. Forgot chalk and am switching all pullups to under grip because that will b how I am doing the 1 handed pullups…but most importantly BICEPS!!!


1st, Ghostbusters was amazing. I loved the originals and I hate remakes/reboots/ripoffs. This one nailed it. Perfect balance between cameos and a completely new movie. (Starwars, whom I also love, but they could learn a thing or two. The gender reversal stereo type stuff was completely obvious and I think that is a good thing.

CRAVINGs!!! We all get them, usually when cutting. The single most effective way I have found to kill cravings is adult activities!!! For minor cravings diet soda works. But unless I have a cheat meal my craving goes next level and it wont be long before I crave a whiskey, wifey saved me from having one (or 3) yesterday and she didnt even know it.

…and it paid off 34.75" waist and 88.0 kg this morning.

I ripped a piece off yesterday, didn’t realize it until later. I am thinking the same thing. I will never go back to mixed (for the back issues it causes me) and I will probably never compete, so what’s stopping me from just strapping every heavy set? I guess another option would be to use mixed if I ever do compete. I will give it a few months though.

No training Video but a public service announcement:


Rather brutal carb stretch yesterday eating a ton, all clean except some peanut butter but prbly in the 3500 calories range 3000 before 2pm.

89.5 kg and 88.5cm waist this morning but I looked really good. Returning from the gym I looked even better.

despite the extra calories doms have been getting a little worse and my squat has suffered a little bit last 2 days. I will be eating a little more going forward and adjust my program Squat 2 days 1 day off.

Yesterday AM
Skwats: 135-225-315-405-455- just missed 495 (would have smoked 475 but some soreness creeping in)
Bench: 135-185-225-255-275-295-315 and a touched 335 that I know I would have had untouched

PM…LOL through chance and luck all those calories were put to good use. Supposed to train with Matt but I went early to get some heavy dum pressing done and Voss was there so we trained together and just as we finished Matt showed up.

Seated Dum Military worked up to 8-5 @ 100s
Bench Very Close Grip 6 or 7 sets up to 175
Dips worked up to drop set 90-45-BW
Seated Cable Press super set with Tricep V-bar enter Matt on last set
Bench Press closer than normal grip prbly 8 sets up to 205-225? of 10+ reps and a drop set
Military Press 12 rep sets 35-45s by 5s
BW Dips and back and lateral flys
Standing cable Flys
Tricep V-Bar

Creaked into the squat racks and did the bare min. 3-2-1s@ 135-225-315-365-405-425

This weekend is my progresses nightmare. All inclusive Saturday and Sunday for Wifey’s bday. I could practice moderation, I mean if I were capable of that. I have 3 gears, sleeping, top gear and turbo and I dont like sleeping. (This has been my greatest strength in work and powerlifting, but probably led me to party WAY too much in my 20s.) Luckily my tolerance for alcohol is probably 5 drinks and a nap these days. That sequence should limit drinky calories. :sunglasses:


Have fun mate. You should be good for a day or two.

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The Smith Video made me smile. Haha!

I don’t like the Smith either. BUT
Smith Somersault Squats are good.
Smith Glute Bridges are good. It’s easier to get plates on and off the Smith since it’s sitting up off the floor a little even when I load the 45’s on.

Yep. And that’s about it for the Smith.

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I will concede this one.

Damage Report after monday being badish for diet, tuesday being terrible and wednesday somehow getting worse: Unscathed, little watery feeling is mental, muscles look more defined for being fuller.

Takeaway: cheat meals are more than just a mental break and I should survive this weekend but thank goodness my birthday in a month we get to do what I want #DEADLIFTALLFKNDAY

Buckling down hard for 2 days and will consume nothing but buffet chicken breasts and whiskey and water for saturday and sunday (except a throwback breakfast of oysters, a red beer and ice cold tequila on sunday…#BRUNCH4BADASSES)

the consolation prize to getting fat is I should hit some PRs next week.

Skwats 135-225-315-365-405-435-465-495 minor sciatica
Bench 135-185-225-255-275-295-315 and got crushed by 335

Dum Military 90s for 5 easy couldnt get a rep at 100
CG bench and some tricep downs

My Client crushed “Wheels of Steal”* Circuit, I will do it tomorrow I think. 2 days off I can do a little more volume.

-too aggro with calories deficit
-Squat daily and 2 a days on a cut becomes detrimental quickly, which I kind of knew but this time I have “supplementation assistance” this time
CORRECTION- will increase cals to 2300 (what I would end up eating anyways…if I were lucky) but be strict and 2 unquestioned, unjudged, guilt free cheat meals a week. And get back to drinking diet soda for daily cheats instead of nuts, peanut butter and cereal.

3-10 reps close to failure (60-85% 1RM) in a circuit, repeat 3-8 times
A Squat
A Dead (Squat Dead or low handled Trap Bar is ideal)
A Lunge

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That would hurt my soul

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Super glad I waited to respond to this. :smiley: I knew it would be hard, but thought it would be less than soul crushing. SOUL CRUSHING is the best way to describe that experience, “near death” and “saw the light” may have been other phrases used to describe feelings today post workout. Even the warm up for it was slightly exhausting #thisfatkidshouldNTdocardio

and LOL I cant spell, *Wheels of SteEl

Video coming soon, upcoming rant probably coming monday or tuesday. AM workout done, will go back for Pullup work, Yates Dead Drop and some other stuff. Then off to ruin all progress for 2 days. If I just come out close to where I go in I will be very happy. New diet and 2 a days I know i am going to shred up quick (big shout out to Mast/test for that too but will go into that with the rant).


Thank you to @Alpha who’s latest front squat video got me motivated to test mine. I have been putting it off. To cop out a lot a lot of things went wrong in my last 2 attempts (everything from set selection, ROM, scared speed and being a little shocked at holding 405 for the first time in a rack position I almost fell forward to a point that my calves were tired post set) but with video I know what I need to do and I like my odds sometime next week. I also demonstrate perfect form on how to miss a front squat, so there’s that.

Prior PR 365 for 2. next attempt sets: 135-225-275-325-365-385-405

Music = current mood

Headed in for rd 2.

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Wifey gave me a hug this morning and as usual her hands head to my butt, she said “there’s no reason to make them hard”

“I wasn’t”

:heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


That Wheels of Steel thing got me thinking about some stuff I used to do for conditioning, in particular this:

Stick your bodyweight on the bar (round up. I’m about 215 so I’d have 220 loaded). Set a timer for 30 minutes, with an alarm every minute. Start the timer, do a set of squats until the first minute buzzes. Rack it, rest for the minute. Then do front squats for a minute. Rest for a minute, etc until the 30 minutes are over.

Then there’s pig squat training: start with empty bar for 20 reps. Then add 25 lbs (5 kg plate each side) and do 19 reps, and keeping adding 25 lbs and dropping one rep until you hit 462 lbs for a single. It’s funny, until a few months ago that was something I looked at as a wow moment if I could do it. Then I realised it was something I could do on any given day at this point (for the record I haven’t done this in over a year, and when I did it I had to start at 15 reps and worked up to 352 lbs for a single because I couldn’t yet hit 440 without wraps let alone 462).

Either one is probably easier than wheels of steel but I thought I’d share it anyway.


LOL not the way I see it. Those look much more brutal, I don’t squat for reps above 1, let alone a set for a minute!!

That pig squat is something I have wanted to try for a while after seeing the eddie hall deadlift video of it, he was doing singles though.

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