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Flight and Power

Age 31 Weight 194 down from 215 and 5’ 10"

GOALs which mostly are all connected and beneficial to each other

Get weight under 190 and stay there (ballooned to 215 1st cycle)
Be shredded
1 handed pullups
Bicep Vein
Power to weight ratio in all things

Best lifts 505-315x5-605 at 205ish body weight
Dunk ish…the ball went in, I grabbed rim, either by strictest or loosest definitions that is a dunk, but I want to do it better.
I have done some 1 handed pullups but like the dunk I want to do them better.

I would like to match or improve on all those lifts over the next few months at a sub 190 weight.

As for the bicep vein I have always wanted I am pretty sure that is a pipe dream. I see dudes (women too for that matter) with saggy boobs and bicep veins yet I have been sub 12% several times and never come close to seeing one. Oh well, I out deadlift most of them.

Will post programs as I do them, they can change quite often but basically it is PPL built around the big 3 and some plyos/sprints.

Base diet right now is about 2000cal and I rotate higher carbs with higher fat days and allow for some extra calories here and there.

Cycle number 2 is 250mg Test E every wednesday (help finish the week off) and 20mg Winny AM and PM for 25 days and will evaluate then if I want another few weeks or to increase dose.

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Congrats on your weight loss!!!

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Bench has sucked.

Bench 5s paused at
105-165-225-255 and a really tough 275
Dum Military 8s @ 25-50-65 and 10-7@75
Then I train with somebody and we did a little Dum Bench, Dip Pushup circuit and some gunz.

I used to paused 275 for 5 in my sleep just a month (and 10 pounds) ago. Dum Military Press hasn’t really suffered though knock on wood. Elbows are not happy even after dum benching, can do hammer curls though.

Any good winny alternatives? This is day 4 and already with the joint pain, hopefully it gets better.

Weighted 87.8 this morning. Haven’t been this light since forever.

Back felt a little weird this morning like if I were doing a deadlift session and I felt this after a set the next set would probably be a 2 week no DLing or back squating injury. Probably from sitting too much and squats went fine.

New dunk test PR touching a slightly higher ceiling. Skwats had more in the tank but with my back I didnt want to push anything.

Well, saturday diet went off the tracks. NO RAGRETS!!! Friend’s birthday party and I brought the cake, a beautiful 3 layered working form the bottom chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chip cheese cake, brownie topped with whipped cream balls and chocolate sprinkles and caramel swirls. I had 2 pieces. Even before that I had cereal in the afternoon and maybe 84 tacos at the party. #CARBLOADED

Was 90.3 sunday morning so went keto and added some sprints in the PM which were more like fast paced hill walks. Elbows felt pretty good post workout, not sure if it was for the added fats for 2 days or the 4000 calorie saturday or hopefully I am just getting used to the winny.

I think I am going to back up a bit with the pullup training. I am doing shorter range of motion 1 handed pullups but I am not sure how much that will actually help me do a full one. So on dead day I will do assisted 1 handed pullups and after benching I will do weighted pullups.

I also think maybe my form isn’t helping. Any input on how to train for 1 handed pullups or the form is more than welcomed. Especially on how I am spinning. That actually goes for anything you see me doing. Any suggestions on form or program is appreciated.

Increased calories to 2300 (probably what it was with snacking anyways) and adding salmon (to help with elbows) starting today and will cut out all snacking. Winny increased to 80mg yesterday (40am 40pm) and I will have 10 days left. If my elbow issues come back I think masteron is the next thing I will try for power to weight ratio boost.

89.4 this morning so still heavy but my ab fat layer feels noticeably thinner.

Adjusted program and yesterdays training


Hate benching on monday but got lucky and the only bench was available at 9am on a monday, must have been a party weekend.

Bench 5s @ Bar-Bar-135
1s @ 225-255-275-295-315-325 and would have finished 335 but got a little help from my spotter
3*5@225 working that form

Dum military seated
5s @ 25-50-65-75-80
90 for 6 and assisted 8
Really hard to get 90s into position. I generally hang clean the dumbells then sit down, 90s were really hard to hang clean.

Hit some more weighted pullups working up to 2*3@135 but from the bottom bottom position to the top top Close grip.

Think TRT is starting to work, libido, mood and energy levels were all awesome yesterday to the point I couldn’t help myself I had to hit the gym again in the evening for some gunz, abs and stretching. My elbows didnt blow up either.

Also woke up with a lot thinner feeling fat layer on ass and abs so that was awesome.

-Plyos were shit, failed to match dunk test PR but just barely missed it and I guess that is what a PR is.
-Front Squats with buddy about 8-10 sets up to 325 then weighted jumps.

-Box Squats 3s@135-225-265-305-345-365-385-405 it felt heavy as I was rather rundown but not horrible.

Buddy whom I train thurs to saturday told me his trainer called in so I got him today. his roommate tagged along which we have been trying to organize for a while (we are all friends and I have found they are easily manipu…motivated :smile: when pitted against eachother. Both hit Squat PRs then we all did a circuit of squats-power rows-pushups.

TLDR Version

My training wasn’t great but when things get a little off track and you power through, that makes the next session all the better. As a trainer though this has to be one of my best days. It is starting to click.

All of my goals seem to be stalling or going even slightly backwards (fk you bench) while I am leaning out. This is to be expected I guess so I am going to double down on the leaning out and cut out snacking…again. Instead of peanuts and and plain popcorn I will have a diet soda. This goes against everything I have ever believed in for a healthy diet but it is what it is.

New “supplement” stack:

Test E 250mg per 6 days
Mast E&P blend 200mg every 3 days
Winny 40mg AM 40mg PM daily (winny last day next tues)

I will try to keep my post in here to PRs or something interesting. Everyday training isn’t generally interesting.

Progress photo relaxed 730am 89.0 kg or 196.2 lbs

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Been feeling hella weak lately, especially in bench.

Few weeks ago hit 315 for a bouncy but complete 5. I have since switched all reps to competition pauses but I struggled to get 275 for 5 a week ago. I am leaner a bit though so no more whining.

Due to being a little weaker I adjusted my rep schemes and will be working with 3s instead of 5s for Bench. Might even drop it to singles for everythng.

For the big 3 sets are (percentage of last completed) 30-50-70-87.5-95-100 and add 10 pounds until failure.

Began at Skwat 3s@365 - Bench 3s@225 - Deadlift 1s@495

Friday Skwat worked up to 395 for 3 but was fighting puking in between every set after 365.

Today AM hook grip deads to 405 but thumbs arent fully healed so switched to staps and worked up to 545.

Today PM (forced into a cheat meal so made the most of it and had a decent bench session) 3s to 295 and 305 for 2.5

Training cycle begins again tomorrow in the AM.

Well fkn awesome. Woke up noticeably leaner this morning. Especially in lower back and butt and my waist was also noticeably smaller. (Well timed cheat meal and a 2 day yesterday I think really helped). I was also very motivated to do plyos. It was all down hill from there as 3 minutes into plyos and on my first good jump I tweak my lower back. C’est la vie.

In hindsight it was obvious this was coming. I have been sitting in shitty chairs for work and doing a lot of deads and yates rowing which contributed to the lower back tightness. I had greatly increased my ab training but I think more importantly I should have avoided sitting. Also I had a minor sciatica flare up yesterday (which actually went away on later sets) and for the last week or so I have been feeling super minor minor twinge in lower back prbly due to decreased calories and increased work load.

Kind of disheartened at the moment. But if the door on my vertical is closed hello shredded powerlifting goals. Wont know anything until tomorrow. Will make the adjustments. Train pullups Monday, Bench Tuesday and wednesday design or decide on a new program going forward.

Also going to eat a heavier than normal dose of animal fats and homemade broth today to aid the recovery process.

3 years ago I went on vacation with my now wife to Playa del Carmen. I bought a bathing suit for the trip. I stopped wearing it a year ago. I was probably 185 and 13-15% that trip.

Yesterday I put it on and it fit perfect, but I weigh 195 and my BF% is sub 12. I have been wearing it ever since hahaha

Finally had the courage to measure my waist too. 35.5 inches this morning. Mixed feelings on that but most importantly I think I can improve on that. 198 lbs after being 195 yesterday.

I hear by do solemnly swear to stop measuring my weight except on saturday and monday. My waist will be my new tracker of progress.

Back is better but not 100%, I might try front squating tomorrow and am pretty sure when I am capable I will start a squat daily program and also be running 2 a days.

Yesterday decent pullup workout and support. Today bench and supports.

On the plus side my back feels amazing after the gym. Was a little tight in the AM and I am sure it will be tight in the AMs for some weeks. Looks like squat daily will begin tomorrow.

On the downside I have eaten about 90% of my food for today and it is not even 1pm and I am going to the gym again later.

bench session ok, I matched my last bench session best with a 2.5@305 but the prior it was my 12th set not 9th.

What ever committed to the cut.

GOALS MOVING FORWARD over the next few months:

-GET SHREDDED maintain sub 11% BF
-Squat 505 @ sub 195
-Deadlift true 3x BW (605 was like 2.98x)
-Bench 365 then 2x BW
-Evaluate Vertical training when done cutting


I try to keep as much lower body variety as possible. I found out if I don’t my squat mobility suffers.

Last day of winny today, pretty happy about that and Mast is running 600mg per 6 days and 250mg test.

I know it is some bro science but all my carbs will be eaten before my 2nd workout and then I will eat some left over animal after that workout.

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This is a cool log. Totally feel your pain with bench. I’m leaning out too (more modestly than you) and my bench has just stuck. I think military pressing is helping make sure it doesn’t drop too much though.

Oh, and if you have access to a reverse hyper hit it up. I’ve found it fixes back tweaks beautifully.

Just as I was 2nd guessing dropping winny for Mast my elbows blew up this morning on Pullups so even happier this is last day of that.

Made a bet with a friend who is also supposed to be squating daily, race to 405 for him and 505 for me. He has missed 365 last 2 times (he has hit it for a slightly aided double a few weeks ago). Loser buys the winner dessert of our choice. I will of course choose ice cream.

Luis photo bombed the 465 but with his physique that is a gift :smiley:

After Squats did pullups. 5s @ BW-45-90 and then 135 drop to BW for 4-3-4-6
I tried the banded pullupbut this time I sat on it. After initially pulling my shorts down I then couldnt control it…or do a pullup. Probably for being tired. I will lead with it next time and then decide to keep it or not.

Had to bribe myself with ice cream the whole way to not skip half of it, but I lied to myself. Will add some fruit tomorrow though for an extra 40 calories.
Power Row LIGHT for same reasons
UG Pullups weighted
Curlz fur Gurlz aka wifey and dudes who be mirin

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Thanks!! Hopefully soon we reach that lean goal and can start eating and benching again.

And I do not have a reverse hyper, would a back extension thing help?

They might, but I’ve seen people jury rig reverse hypers using an incline bench, but I’m not sure if it’d be possible to load. Bands or chains might be an option. Here’s hoping this is an understandable description.

  1. Stand behind the incline bench
  2. Lean forward so you are lying face down on the bench from your waist up. Your legs should be dangling, feet off the ground.
  3. Raise your feet so your legs are parallel to the floor. Repeat. Thins where the bands or chains would come in if you can figure out a way to set them up.
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Lets begin with the bad before getting into how awesome today has been so far and will be going forward.

I smell, so bad. I think all the diet pop instead of water I have been drinking to help with cravings might be playing a role. (No way a 3 hour gym session played a role.) I am still drinking 3+ liters of water, it might not be enough or I might just be a smelly. #billmurrayGB2

Next bench, shoulders hurting so only worked up to 275 for a single. #WINNIE


Went 5-0 at work this morning so taking the rest of the day off to go to the beach, then the pool, then 3 episodes of GOT to finish the marathon then sleep until tomorrow.

NEW FOREARM VEINS I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD (i remember) also I my bicep veins are starting to show a bit, not the outsid vertical one I want but a lot of spidering on the inside to the top that give me hope for the future.

Waist was sub 35" today.

Matched Squat 465 again today only limited by a self preservation of my lower back which in itself is progress.

And my house should most definitely be selling tomorrow and that represents the last headache I have in the USA.

Oh and finally, it wasnt the cheat meal I was promised, but it was the cheat meal I could eat and not feel guilty about.

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Some how with 1000 calories to work with and needing 60g of protein I built a 1000 calorie surplus, 2 day chili became 2.5 day chili and #SQUATPOWER…which has been backfiring HEEEYOOOOOOOOO!!! :smiley:

-Squats worked up to 435, taking it cautious these first few days and also day 2 of a lowered box. (Sciatica for me I think is caused by butt wink so hence the focus on variety to keep mobile and a box to limit ROM which I am slowly lowering as mobility improves. I doubt I lower it past where it is now though as now I am pretty sure it is comp depth.)
-Pullup 1RM worked up to 135, my lats were pretty sore from 3 brutal days

-Trainee skipped his daily squats and pullups and we just did press which I half assed because I did press yesterday.

The leaner I am getting the more achy and tendony things feel. I am dedicated to shred but I am slightly worried for a tendon injury. I look forward to eating at maintenance again.

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