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Flicking of the Foreams


My problem really a big deal and is not painfull just extremely uncomfortable. I cannot do any form of bicep curls because whenever i do them it feels like the inside of my "lower" foream (near the wrist) is getting slapped/flicked from the inside kind of feels like a tiny bone inside the foream is hitting the foream (from inside) quickly like a flick and returning to its normal position. I know how dumb this sounds but it is really uncomfortable.

i know how dumb this sounds but any help will be appreciated.

Oh and i went to the doctor he said he could not find anything wrong ..

thx again


Sorry forgot to say it is only in my left foream not both like the title says


Check my thread. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/jumpman2365#myForums/thread/4444756/

We might have the same issue.


hmm, i dont think it is the same issue.. you get a "tingly" type of pain in your foream it feels like... i described a bone or something in my foream is hitting something in my arm like snapping but not much pain just very uncomfortable.. im still reading your whole forum i think some of the things people mentioned can help my problem maybe a little bit but i think we have different problems. Thanks though


no prob. i hope you find a remedy...