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Flexing for Arm Measurements?


Hi, i was wondering when ppl take arm measurements and when u take measurements in general do u flex for the measurement or not... basically when ppl say for instance that 17inch arms are good and 12 inch arms are average are they referring to flexed or unflexed


the measurement is flexed. and 12" is not average, its small.

now, its been answered, no one else needs to chime in.




Why would you ever unflex your arms?

And 12" arms are inspirational.


12" is a small forearm!


Some people specify: cold, flexed, or pumped and flexed. Maybe circumference measurements are a bad idea. We should just go by muscle volume.

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Hi, what about when you are using a body fat % calculator that requires you to enter measurements? Flex or no? Also, is there a consensus on a good body fat calculator?


get weighed in a pool. or get calipers and take folds at at least 7 spots- the calipers will come with directions. a bodyfat calculator, where you simply take measurements of yourself with a tape measure, then plug them into some formula, is not going to be very accurate


You should measure all your body parts relaxed.


If someone asked you how big your dick was, would you measure that relaxed?


i have to, i havent found a tool that can measure its full length "unrelaxed". of course, i round up.


Go to this article to learn how to measure your body.