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flexing and posing

here’s a thought I had. I’ve read in articles that a flexing and posing for long amt.'s of time when getting ready for contests and phots shoots really helps muscle density and if I’m not mistaken vascularity/definition. So if this is the case, wouldn’t static holds (basically isometrics) w/ weights achieve the same effect? Maybe throw one or two “sets” of 30sec. static holds in at the end of a workout. Also, for competing bb’s, how much time should be devoted to posing pract. and how soon before a contest?

Well, what would be effective to help acheive a “harder” look for the stage would be to contract the muscle being worked in between sets. For example, if working biceps, hold a front double bi for 2-3 seconds between sets. Since we see so many bad posers at contests, my advice would be to begin posing practice AS SOON as you begin your cutting phase (or at least 3-months out)! You can never begin too soon! I’m 12-weeks out, and I’m beginning to practice (I’m usually the Best Poser at my shows) and hold poses in between sets. Also, practice with your eyes closed in front of a mirror. Every so often, open them to see how you look -this helps you align yourself.