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I was hoping you guys could clear this up. What is the difference between static and dynamic stretching? Thanks.

I believe static stretches are held for a few seconds with control, and dynamic is more quick stretching?

ie: static you would hold the stretch for 10-60 seconds with control

ie: dynamic you do the stretch quickly ie: swinging yor legs up high before doing squats

Static stretching means holding a stretch e.g. quad stretch on your feet. Holding your leg behind you, stretching the quad and holding the stretch for a period of time.

Dymanic stretching is moving the body part around without a hold e.g. swinging your arms around in a circle. Like a swimmer usually does. Sometimes it can be more sport specific like taking practice swings with your golf club gradually increasing the distance of the swing until you reach full swing width.

Static stretching is the “safe” way–the kind where you hold the stretch steady for up to 30 seconds. Dynamic stretching involves bouncing, which is said to increase risk of injury.

Static flexibility is exactly what everyone does in gym class…individual stretches held for a period of time (usually 30 seconds or more).

Dynamic flexibility is a more advanced form of stretching that involves a focus on joints instead of muscles. Leg swings or arm cricles are good examples of these.

If done properly, dynamic stretching has a huge upside and can increase your athletic ability alot. The ability to lengthen your stride through dynamic stretching, can make you faster almost immediately.

I always will do a dynamic stretch routine of some kind before olympic days or event training. Stuff like straight leg march, walking lunges, burpees, always leg swings, maybe even some short sprints. It really helps warm up the CNS if thats possible?