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I’m a competitive athlete and I want to make some big improvements in an area I’ve neglected for too long - flexibility. I want to find some type of guide or instruction material so that I know I’m doing it right. I noticed theres a book (“Relax Into Stretch”) by Pavel T. on the Renegade website, and theres also a book called something like “Stretching Scientifically”(?) by Kurtz(?). Does anyone have any suggestions on these or any other book/instructional material? A friend told me about yoga. Do you think yoga would be beneficial? Thanks for the help.

Yoga? NO.

Wether or not it would be beneficial to flexibility, T-men do NOT take yoga. Limp wristed pencil necked dorks, old men, women and fags take yoga. YOU don’t.

I disagree. Yoga does help with flexibility, and you don’t have to be a pencil-necked dork to be in the class. Just think of all the hot-ass women you can meet, then show off your muscles.

Also, you can dedicate at least 2 stretching sessions per day to what you want to be more flexible. In the morning, do some form of cardio in the morning for 5 minutes, then devote 15 minutes to stretching. I use static stretching, followed by a short period of 50% resistance against an immovable force, followed by more static stretching. Just make sure your muscles are warmed up enough to stretch. Do another session at night or mid-day.

Yoga is harder than you would think. No, I’ve never done it, but I’ve seen some of the crazy positions people do, and I tried them on my own. Ha, good luck.