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Flexibility training


Hi Joe. I see that you are in to flexibility training. Im a chiropractor student so I know several great stretching tecniques.
m also a benchpress champion (5times) and I have never had any injurys to my shoulders or elbows. Until recently after doing a lot og PNF and PIR for my pecs. I think its the biceps tendon that is injured and Im on rehabilitation rigth now.
Have you seen this kind of problem before? All of my patients responds good to the stretching, but they dont bench 400 for reps i guess! My personal theroy is that when I suddenly change the biomecanics for my shoulder compelx, and still got the same lbs on the bar, Its not strange that someting says stop! It`s like a whole new movement for mye shoulder and doing that with a great load is not optimal!

Just wanted to share this, tnx for any coments


sorry about the language