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Flexibility Training


I have a question. I am a 47 year old male. I am at present training with Jim Wendler 5/3/1 workout. Great workout. I was wondering. I am looking for most flexibility in training routine. Any suggestions for my routine or additons for my routine? Thanks guys. Great website!


just stretch? why u need a routine for that?


I'm pretty inflexible myself, trying out putting some yoga/pilates into my cardio day. There are some great videos on youtube, otherwise I just DVR some early-morning yoga garbage that's on basic cable


I do stretch.


Thanks Alex


Well, you have to ask yourself if it is flexibility you are after, or mobility. Mobility carries over into the weight room and every day life, while becoming more flexible basically means you are more flexible...and that's it.


There is nothing wrong with stretching, however, I would really recommend to start doing Mobility Training.

A good point to start are the dvds from Eric Cressey. Actually, you won't find anything better anywhere. I recommend investing in "Magnificent Mobility" as well as "Assess and Correct".

Here is the link:


Cheers, PA


Bodeen: Check out this thread for some ideas: