Flexibility Training...Coach?

I take TKD in a local karate school. My problem is the instructors have us doing flexibility exercises that are no different than what I did in high school gym class. I don’t see how they could help you get full range of motion. In fact, the Head Instructor himself can only come within 8 inches of the floor when trying to do the front and side splits (he’s been training for 23 years!) Coach, isn’t there a more effective way to achieve full range of motion? What about Tom Kurtz “Stretching Scientifically (sp?)” book? Can you give me a flexibility training routine…please?

Buy “Beyond Stretching” by Pavel Tsatsouline and show it to your instructor. He’ll be doing full wall splits in 6 weeks if he follows the programs. If not, follow them yourself and show him how effective his advice is. I’m not 100% in agreement with Pavel’s recommendations on warming up, but other than that this has got to be the best, most sensible book on stretching I’ve ever read.

Hopefully I can help you with this although without a manner to post pictures it is rather difficult. My favorite published work is Pavels and I think it is extremely applicable to your sport. Let the old coach work on some pictures for you! In faith, Coach Davies

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Not to be a dick…but give your instructor respect…and the benifit of the doubt. Many people due to their hip sockets attachment to the hip bone…cannot get full splits. The BONE stops them…not their flexibility. Secondly, as I posted on another post…flexibility isnt EVERYTHING. Just because you can do a split…doesnt mean you have the ability to kick that high…allong with your flexibility, you have to develop the little muscles up by your hip as well as your power. I do not know how long you have trained in TKD but relax a bit…if you cannot respect your instructor…then find another school, because a good instructor is key. With TKD tho…work on slow motion kicks as well as your flexibility…you have to muild your leg strength or your flexibility is useless…good luck and let me know if you need more info!!