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Flexibility Sucks

My flexibility really sucks. My gym has a Pilates class included in the cost of membership. Anyone try this to increase flexibility and if so how long till you saw some improvement?

Flexibility should be trained according to your needs. If you’re a Martial Artist, it might be wise to be able to do a split (if you like to kick heads) but for Average Joe?

I can’t say anything positive about Pilates.
Most of the exercises are definitely not suited for most guys, as you are crunching and tightening the whole time. It’s basically the old school hundred situp variations for a thousand reps. Yawn. If you’re into this, go ahead.
I really don’t see it having to do anything with healthy flexibility.
Try it for yourself, if you have OK joints and no history of a bad cerviacal spine.

I think Astanga yoga (if you have access) is better than Pilates because as it was already stated, Pilates relies heavily on holding poses while lying on the ground and it does get boring. It’s also been proven that the type of stretching can be harmful to people who don’t already have a lot of muscle mobility because it involes pulsing during certain moves. That’s usually the toughest part for men as their hamstrings are usually really tight and hamstrings are the bases for many moves.

Astanga yoga is a killer workout too, when I had my 6pack, that was how I got it.

You can buy DVD’s for it or just find some postures on the 'net and practice them in succession.

I always found taking part in a class was the best motivation (but I’m biased cuz I used to teach yoga)

Best of luck

Your not the only one. I would say 90+% percent of everyone one this sites flexibility sucks.
5-15 mins. stretching prior a workout? Please…!!!

Buy Ian Kings videos: Flexibility specialization, recovry methods, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Do this for 1 year and tell me how your flex. skills are. Probally a lot better, but I would bet still not optimal.

PM me if you need to a link