Let’s preface I don’t want this turning into a stretching good, stretching bad type discussion. Long story short, 5/3/1 Forever and the subsequent workouts really opened my eyes to the concept of balance. Started doing various DeFranco mobility/warmups(humbling), mostly Agile 8 and Simple 6. To say I am far from flexible would be an understatement. Not looking to pull off some JCVD splits but want to start adding a flexibility day into my training. Any one have good recommendations for some stretching routines or would using Agile 8/Limber 11 type warmups be enough?

For a point of reference if I try the old school shoulder flexibility test, my hands are farther away from touching behind my back than peace in the middle east.

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Some is always better than none, so good on you for at least doing defranco mobility stuff. Agile 8 is designed for low back pain mostly so check out limber 11 if you haven’t already. Also, worth looking at some free yoga apps. You’d be surprised what 10-15 minutes a couple times a week will do. I’m a big fan of it, not everyone is and I get that, but it definitely ticks multiples boxes for me, recovery, flexibility etc.