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Flexibility Poll

How many times have you worked out in the last 14 days and what (if anything) have you done during that time to work on your flexibility? I work out 2 times per week and do pilates 2 times/week.

I stretch twice a day now, following a set program. Previously, my stretching was very hit and miss - definately not regular or planned.

Scott, during the past fourteen days I’ve probably had nine weight workouts, perhaps ten, and four cardio workouts. And one stretching session! To top it all off, I know better, especially at my age. Trying to cut down on something else so I can stretch more often, frankly, but it’s as difficult as dieting. Even knowing that Lance Armstrong credits adding an hour of stretching per day to his workout plan made a big difference for him in the Tour this year didn’t motivate me enough ('course, he has a bit more time than I do for his workouts). But you raise an important point, one I should pay more attention to.

I stretch all day long, on and off - my arms and neck/shoulders at my desk at work, legs at home in front of the tv, and everything just before I work out. I am also planning on starting a pliates class next week when my schedule gets back to normal…

I’ve done 8 workouts, and stretched for around 20-30 minutes about 12 times (I try to every day) in the past 14 days. I’ve been trying to increase flexibility a lot lately because I have very tight hip flexors. It had been working great until yesterday. I had to sit in a car for 5 hours (no way around it), and as I got up very carefully, knowing that my hip flexors would be tight, I STILL pulled one of them. It doesn’t feel too bad today though, I hope it will be fine by Sunday. (Sorry to change the subject)

i used to stretch alot, but have all but dropped it nowadays. Man, pilates…

6 workouts stretched 5 times for less than 10 minutes each time. I do jui jitsu and it is part of the class to stretch for ~10-15 minutes.

I stretch before every workout. I workout about 6 times a week, so I gues that means I stretch 6 times a week. I usually do it for around only ten minutes though. I’m sure it’d provide much better results if I did it longer, but to tell you the truth… it’s so boring! I’m always itching to hit the weights, so holding off while I stretch isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.

With six Wrestling sessions and between 3-4 weight sessions per week, pre- and post training stretching is very important for me. However, over the last six months a minimum of two stretching specific sessions have been added, mainly consisting of PNF stretching.
However, sometimes due to the state of my body, we switch to passive stretching.

Being in-season, I have only had 4 workouts in the past 2 weeks (maintenance). But I think I’ve had at least 4 long stretching sessions. My flexibilty is so easily comprimised by training/games/practice that I have to make it a priority or I won’t be able to perform.

Scott, I Stretch occassionally to ensure normal range of motion. If you look at the research there is as much evidence against stretching as there is for it. Science has yet to show definitively that stretching decreases injuries in sport. Many studies have show a decrease in performance following a stretching session for up to 45 minutes. Muscular imbalance and improper training methods are responsible for most injuries. If pillates makes you feel better, then by all means have at it. But, stretch beyond your normal ranges of motion is not going to have an effect on training performance unless you’re a gymnast or wrestler.