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Flexibility Issues

I don’t really know if this is the right forum for this but here goes.
My lower back rounds at the bottom of my squat.
I’ve taken videos and I go well below parallel and it begins rounding when I go further than below parallel (ATG).
I’m sure this is a flexibility issue so could someone please give me some insight as to waht might be causing this rounding and some steps to fix it?

Also, I’ve tried to upload a video of me squatting so you can see what I mean but it doesn’t seem to be going through, can I get some tech support for that too?


Hip and hamstring flexibility. Thats probably what most people are gonna tell you. Also, for me, I had the flexibility but just didnt know what a tight lower back felt like, so a couple of sets of box squats below parallel before squats helped.

Stretch your hip flexors, work on glute activation, do third world squats.

So what should I just stretch my hip flexors and hams twice a day or something?
And I’ll try box squatting for a couple of sets before I squat
Can you give me an example of glute activation? something like the exercise bird dog?
and third world squats is where you just sit down in a squat position right? because when I do that my back is horribly rounded

try pushing your hips back when you’re doing third world squats. Also, push your knees out and sit between your legs.

This fixed mine. Do it every 2 days for a week, as well as some barbell step-ups (so your femur is past parallel when you are stepping up) and some reverse lunges. It’s all about hip mobility and pelvic tilt. Keep working on your hamstring/glute stretches and do glute bridges prior to squatting.

Also, this article, Problem 3. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/whats_your_weak_link_3_solutions_to_strength_plateaus outlines some exercises to work on pelvic stability.

Hope this helps, it definitely helped me.