Flexibility for Racked Position

I’m not an olympic lifter but I front squat. I have to use straps due to lack of flexibility…even then I feel like my elbows need to be up more. Now since I only power lift I dont mind if I continue to hang the bar from straps in this modified style but I just want my elbows up so I can stay tighter in the upper back. What kind of stretches or drills might help me?

…and I am pretty convinced it is a flexibility issue and not a upper back weakness. I have a hard time getting my triceps parallel to the floor even getting set up, let alone in the hole as my torso angle changes slightly.

www.californiastrength.com/olwete.html go to flexibility tab got lower and upper little oly lift orientated but the upper body vid has a good drill requires a partner though

I was going to give that same page. Its a good drill.

[quote]cloystreng wrote:
I was going to give that same page. Its a good drill.[/quote]

Yeah, all the drills on that site helped me a lot when I began learning the lifts and I realised the flexibility I had was garbage when it came to the rack position and shoulders especially for snatch

Mobility work for external rotation of the shoulder whiled flexed - mobilitywod.com/2011/02/episode-175365-improving-shoulder.html

The last mobility drill on the video to have the greatest carryover to the front rack for me.