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Flexibility for MMA and Muay Thai


Why is it that some people recommend dynamic stretching and yoga for flexibility versus static stretching and static yoga?


I do both.

For me both work. I’ll do yoga/stretch straight out of bed. Go to the gym, hit weights, I typically wide squat/Zercher Squat/Front Squat wide to a low box/Sumo Deadlift. My training is set-up in a Conjugate/Westside for mma fashion. I’ll kickbox before and after training whether it be lower or upper day. Starting with low kicks and slowly picking up the power and height of my kicks. This makes me feel the best and opened up for me.


So when you kickbox after training is that in the air or against the heavy bag? how often are you hitting the weights every day?

Honestly I feel the day after a kickboxing workout I need to do a maga stretch and some sort of recovery workout to recover. Especially when I train in a High altitude. Back in Cali I just need to stretch. In Colorado different story. Folks say that cause my blood is thinner up here that I do not have as much oxygen in blood which affects recovery.