Flexibility for Jiu-Jitsu

I know a lot of people roll on here, and I was wondering what you guys do to get more flexible for BJJ. I’m interested in hearing about static stretching routines, foam rolling, and anything else you guys are doing in order to get more flexible for the sport.

I’ve read Stretching Scientifically and Stretch to Win, and I’ve learned a few useful things from each. However, I found SS to lack in program design, and STW to be more geared at field athletes (football, track, etc). I feel that I can’t put it all together just yet.

So, what are you guys doing?

copy what you do when you stretch during practice. in judo, we partner up, and do partner stretches for five or ten minutes. aside from that, i do basic stretches, warm down after weights, stretch in the shower…just do it throughout the day