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Flexibility for Golf

I’ve been reading T-Nation for about a year and a half now and also lifting for that long. Although I’ve experienced a big change in strength and practically everything else I admit that I’ve neglected almost all flexibility work. Simply put I can’t turn as far as I would like to on my back swing and follow through. So here’s my cry for help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sound like your starting the swing with your arms instead of turning with your torso. If you bring the club back as one piece with your body, you should have no problem getting to parallel at the top of the slot.

As for the follow through, try to get your right hip(assuming your righty)to fire down your target line. As far as stretching goes, I’ll stretch my legs,lower back,hips and shoulders before each round. Hope this helps

Well I guess I explained my problem in a vague and confusing manner. I don’t have the ability to turn my torso past about a 3/4 swing (with my wrists cocked my club shaft is perpendicular to the ground). I work at a golf course and play with our pro at least a few times a week so I’m pretty sure that I’m not swinging with my arms.

I do stretch everything before playing and have been forever but I’m as flexible as a dry twig. So I guess I’m asking what to do to become more flexible with my torso. I really wish I could explain it better. =*( Thanks for the advice though!

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but it’s tough to discuss a swing without a visual. What does your club pro say about your swing? Have you discussed this problem?

I’m sure he/she has all sorts of stretching excercises you can try.
Can’t wait for the Open to start today! Have tickets for Oakmont on Sunday. Going out Saturday with my father, playing on the drive out, then watching the final round live! My first final round major,(saw a practice round at Shinakok, and opening round at Beth Page). Anyway, good luck, hit em straight.

google golf stretches orsomething along those lines. there are tons of stretching routines out there for increased golf flexibility.

I heard something from a chiropractor once that i think makes some sense. She said that you must stretch for at least a minute or more(holding the position) otherwise it doesn’t do much for your flexibility because something about the muscle not really fully stretching until after a minute.