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Flexability/Pain Issue In Hip Muscle

I was not sure exactly where to stick this question, so hopefully someone here can give me a hand with this issue I have been having for several years now.

When I do splits (not full splits but just doing as much as I can to stretch), butterfly stretches, and other stretches for the hip flexors (or maybe I am miss naming that muscle) I find my left inner thigh feels very tight, with a little pain. It seems less willing to stretch, and tends to feel a bit sore afterwords. I do not push it too far, though I have in the past which I suspect may have caused/contributed to the problem.

I suspect trying to stretch cold in years past contributed as well. I am pretty sure it was caused by stretching improperly and not actual lifting but I cannot swear to it. It is one of those things that I did not take much notice of at first and then after a week or so could not pinpoint the exact timing (and it began 2-3 years ago).

Any ideas what this might be and perhaps any way to heal it?

I have not been training seriously for a year or two so I have not been stretching it every day until the last week or so.

Any help would be most appreciated.

That sensation that you are talking about is very misleading. You can be dealing with a “strain” where the stretching is counter-productive.

Best thing is to have a therapists check it out
Next best thing is learn how to SMR (foam roll) and do it every day
Third learn active stretches and stretch in 3D…Tony Gentilcore wrote a bit on this matter.
Train in 3D and unilateral (single leg/arm)

I’m not a big fan of static stretches, so I really don’t do them. However, I have read enough studies to know 15-30 sec is it…stretching more is not doing much.