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Flexability issues

Where do I start? Ever see a 2X4 bend? Well that is me trying to stretch. This has never concerned me before until I decided to take a new approach with my training. After reading the T-Mag Interview with Tidor Bompa and having his book on periodization training recommended, I decided to bodybuild (using the term lightly) with more of an athletic slant. i am now realizing that I am too tight and I also have some serious external rotation problems. I read the FAQ and perfroming the exercises listed to help with my shoulders but I am still very tight in the overall legs.

Well With all this rambling - I was wondering how long you guys spend on flaxability per session? Is there any valuable reference material that can be provided to help with this problem? Any help is appreciated!

Do a search for Ian King’s “Lazy Mans Guide to Stretching” (I think that’s the title). Also, a general T-Mag search for articles will probably reveal quite a bit. If that doesn’t suffice, check out DragonDoor.com and look into Pavel’s “Relax into Stretch” book/video.

Yes, stretching is key for so many reasons. I’ll usually spend 10-15 minutes on associated muscle groups after a warm-up and then commence with the training while stretching in between sets as well. Mr. Ian King and Charles Staley have given some great advice on the how/how to/when/why to stretch in previous articles here on t-mag. Check 'em out.