Flex69: W diet Q

Hey Flex, I saw that you bought the Warrior diet E-book, recently. Couple of questions please: 1)can you point me to the site(in a way that is acceptable to forum rules) 2)does he provide any new revelations 3)does he provide any scientific studies to back up his claims 4)does he still say you can eat junk a few hours after having a healthier meal? I’m a little low on cash right now so any info you can provide would help. By the way if you don’t mind me asking, what b.f. percent has this allowed you to get down to? Thank you for your help.

Didn’t T-mag say that most people failed miserable at the Warrior diet and hated it? Good for you if it worked, but I hate to see a bunch of newbies get excited about a diet that has a generally bad rep for poor results. There are so many proven ones out there.

I would also lik some info on this. I use to follow this diet, with pretty good results. I’ve since abandoned it for a more traditional approach.

Guys , you can buy it off of teh dragondoor site, if you want more info on it use the link on the dragon door site that is called “vics FAQ” this should answer most of your questions, he has used it and has charts and stuff monitoring his progress!

Hope that helps

Thanks for the info.