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Flex Wheerler - A True T-Man


Nobody is gonna take flex wheelers car.



His wife is hot! :slightly_smiling:


Who jacks a car with "screaming" sticks? Sounds like he completely made that up. Pretty cool idea for a van damme or segal movie though.



maybe you're joking, but just in case you aren't, he didn't say 'screaming' sticks, he said 'Escrima' sticks. it is a phillipino martial arts stick/weapon that is used in the martial art of the same name, Escrima.

you can see one in action in a movie trailer at this site: http://www.RageFilm.com


Atleast his didn't show us his glute definition in that video. Thank god for small favors.


That's cool he fucked those dudes up. Too bad he gave in & took the needle. Would have been maybe a turing point for bodybuilding if he would have stayed natural with the way everyone looked up to him.

He almost died a few yrs. back & he's now less than half the size he use to be.

T-Man, hardly. Your definition of a T-Man should be changed because you have no idea what your talking about.


I don't care if he said they broke off nunchakus, nobody jacks someones ride with anything less than a pistol. That movie clip is exactly where they belong, unless it's in ol' flex's immagination.


Hey, so much for the tired argument that big guys can't move from being "muscle-bound".


Well.. Steroids and everything aside, I said he was a T-man because stuck with a tough decision to make (running away or standing his ground) he made the harder one IMHO. Most people would have given up the car and called the cops, he stood his ground and got business done.