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Flex Wheeler


people say he fucked himself up on drugs trying to play the size game with ronnie and others also saying he abused synthol etc its impossible to believe they didn't give him the sandow. So what ended up happening with flex? anyone have articles etc that I could read


Here is some pics from last year




You mean......

The Natural Freak ?


I dont think its right that guy that have previously used AAS claim to be natural later on due to muscle memory there was a thing about a kiwi bloke last year claiming to be all natural since he left jail....it's just a little odd


I saw him when he came down to the Ala Moana GNC in Honolulu. He was at that time a lot smaller than his competition size but looked way better than me and most of the people I know/see in general. I thought he had some health problems not necessarily related to bodybuilding but maybe hereditary?


Flex had some kidney problems that he claims were not caused by drug abuse, although some people think it developed because of his abuse of certain diuretics. shrug

I personally love Flex Wheeler, I think he is the best bodybuilder ever, and he is one of those people that I look up to greatly.

Any of the "radical" things he did in the peak of his bodybuilding career aren't anything different from what they are ALL doing at that level, yet because Flex is open and honest about it he gets a ton of flack from a bunch of 140lb critics.

He's one of the greatest uncrownded kings of bodybuilding of all time, and he was probably the most aesthetically pleasing bodybuilder accross the board of all time. He came back from one extremely severe back injury (and other misfortunes) and was a champion, was a runner up to Big Nasty for the Mr. Olympia (although MANY people thought he should have won, and for anyone who has seen the tape before what you remember most are the boo's of the crowd)...

Point being, for whatever reason, people like Ken make every unimpressive haterade-drinker that sees him thirsty as a motherfucker.

Nowadays Flex is taking care of his family, training bodybuilders, and doing interviews for MD


King of Symmetry




Flex probably could of played the size game if he trained heavier. From what I know about Flex(which is fuck all), he didn't bust his balls as much in the gym compared to the greats because he was truly a genetic freak. I'm not saying he didn't train hard, but there was probably room for him to grow.

I agree that he had a great physique, and maybe didn't want to play the size game anyway since he had some of the most impressive lines and muscle separation ever.


He was also one of the greatest posers.


Could you explain to me how Flex built that physique without busting his ass. Is there some special technique that the big guys use that allow them to get quality muscle without a huge effort? I don't think drugs alone can be the answer.


He trained extensively with Charles Glass after he turned pro.

Look up the video clips of Flex maxing out the leg press and having his brother sit on top of the platform for extra weight, and maxing out the HS low incline press (in competition shape).

The guy could also use some ridiculous weight for concentration curls, and worked up to over 400lbs on the incline bench. He wasn't "weak" like a lot of critics would have you believe, though I doubt he could do an 800lb double on the deadlift before a comp. (Ronnie definitely had a better back)

I don't believe he ever did a lot of squats/deads anyway, and though he always benched it was always to the neck/middle pecs. So maybe he could have gotten bulkier, although you'd be hard pressed to find anything that was actually "missing" from his physique in his prime. lol


A demonstration of how light Flex Wheeler trains (this video begins after single leg extensions and nearly maxing out a vertical leg press btw):


Even arnold said it himself...Flex Wheeler is the best bodybuilder ever! It will always be in my eyes aswell!


Look at this picture! how the hell did dorian yates won olympia 93 and others is beyond me...I mean LOOK AT THE PICTURE!


Maybe the problem is that the critics just compared his lifts to people like Yates and Coleman. 400+ on the incline is great, but its not unattainable by a serious lifter with a good number of years training. But I really don't know much about Flex, what I said before is just something I read the other day about him so I have no idea how true it is.


I recall even Mike Mentzer saying that Flex had the best genetics for bodybuilding and had the potential to be the greatest bodybuilder.

There's no way Flex should have lost on at least 2 Olympias, IMHO.


He should of hung in there like Jay did if possible. But to be honest a bodybuilders lifestyle is a year round 24/7 bitch that probably really wears on you. You have to really love it to keep doing it forever, regardless of talent.


Some Arnold commentary:

For those of you that weren't aware:

The 2nd Place performance:

And here is a video that expresses their rivalry with a much better soundtrack: