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Flex Wheeler and Interviewing FAIL


He sucks. plain and simple. enough is enough. every interview he does seems like he has done zero prep work. he screws up names all the time, most recent at the ny pro interviewing evan centopani he called him erik. incredibly awkward for evan.

these are professional athletes and a little professionalism from the interviewer might make it worth watching. give me shit for calling out an incredible bodybuilder but this is about interviewing skills.

if companies are wanting to show their athletes why not have an interviewer who puts in some prep work and actually slows down and thinks about what he's going to say before stumbling into topics and making everything so fucking awkward for everyone. that is all.


Maybe post this on his forum?


okay now that this is out of the way the actual discussion can start.


Well, a video of these awkward screw-ups would be nice, too.





he isnt hard to find.

nut up, tell him!


Damn, that has to suck to be interviewed by one of the most famous BBers ever and have him mess your name up. Evan must have been thinking, well I guess Flex thinks I suck if he doesn't even know my name.


You got that right, Prof X.


his name is highlanderxx, dumbass.


oh right.

There can be only one!


i looked for the video fo the name miss hap and couldnt find it, it was up yesterday. i mean no dissrespect to flex, it would nice to see an interview that had some professionalism instead of these last minute-grab the guy-awkward 3 questions and out interviews. just my thoughts. maybe this stuck out to me becuase i was a fim student and photgrapher.


Or maybe Flex is so cocky that he wants to make people think he doesn't know the other guy name, even if he do.


No way, I thought you were an English major.




This is an ee cummings poem, right?


haha, touche'