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Flex vs. Ronnie

IMHO Flex shoulda won!

Rigged, rigged…Rigged…does anyone else here think that bodybuilding could possibly be rigged? I mean sure Ronnie’s outfit was better but surely Flex beat him everywhere else?

Ronnie had him on boobies, traps and calves. Flex’s arms were definitely bigger and his waist was better. Quads fairly similar.

Shrug, I don’t know I’m not really an expert on the matter. I’d say Flex looks slightly better to me.

I like Ronnie there though, now days he looks foolish.

Ronnie > Flex. I never liked Flex’s physique, he just always looked so unproportionate. And to all those Ronnie haters, he did look awesome back then AND last year. Ronnie’s only problem is his gut but it looks like he’s got it under control now.

Flex should have won. He was robbed.

Boo, yeah i reckon Flex should have won too. His upper body development IMO was superior, especially his shoulders and arms. Waist and abs were better too. Ronnie did look like he had better traps and a better quad taper tho.