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Flex Lewis In Olympia Open!

Info Just coming up now on various social media platforms…


Wasn’t he competing at 212? Will be interesting to see him. Always liked him.

It would be pretty cool to see Flex and Phil on stage next to each other. Two seven time champs battling it out for an 8th title.

I wonder why (within the Mr Olympia competitors) we don’t see more younger guys competing and winning… you’d think with the rampant strain/abuse they put on their bodies via

  • extreme, strenuous training
  • crash dieting
  • drugs of all kinds (EXTENSIVE abuse)

That this would be a young mans game, I suppose natural selection weeds out those genetically intolerant as they… die… but still, a younger guy has healthier joints (on average), a healthier cardiovascular system (on average)… so why isn’t the Olympia stage dominated by guys in their early/mid 20’s? I noticed this the last two times at the Arnold Classic, the competitors tended to be in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s… middle aged guys!

Probably because even with all the drugs in the world it takes tome for muscle to mature and get like that? Just a guess.


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Yeah this goes back to something branch warren said. I’m paraphrasing but basically when you get on stage, you aren’t taking what you did in this prep up there but what you’ve done the last 20 years.

That’s why when you see a young guy hit the scene that’s huge really fast it gets a lot of attention.

This is the best thing I’ve read about the Mr O in ages. Almost excited about it again.

So question is, based on recent “lack of conditioning” does flex have a chance bringing this to the open. Idk what he will weigh but if he’s bigger with this conditioning what’re his chances?

I think if he doesn’t fuck it up he’s got a really good chance. I think they want a new poster boy for the open and they gave him the nudge and wink

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Yeah he’s been poster boy for 212 for years and rightfully so. I’m interested to see what he brings out on the stage. It’ll be 2 years since he competed at 212 and from what I heard he said after 2018 he immediately started getting ready for the open in 2020.

Think about this last year‘s contest though, all of the big guns didn’t compete. What if 2029 is similar,… can flex beat Curry?


Surely he would be retired by 2029 !! LOL

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flex can deff beat Curry. In fact if the lineup from last year was vs his last appearance in the 212’s I rekon he would beat them all.

Lol damn stubby fingers!

Yeah I’m thinking the same thing.


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I doubt he will be anywhere close to as big as these guys but his conditioning could win it

I am envisaging a Momo Benaziza 1990 Night of the champions like win for Flex.

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Anyone know what his plan is? Still come in around 212 or is he going to try to come in heavier?

Well I heard something where he said that after he won 212 in 18 he already knew he was going to compete in 2020 and that he immediately started prepping for it. That could mean many things but I took it to mean he was going to put on some size.

I may be taking this the wrong way but at 212 that dude already had slabs of muscle falling off his body so idk what he will look like.

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I gather that in 18 he had to cut quite hard to get to 212 and could have come.in fuller if he hadn’t, but yes he took the year off competition in 19 so he could come in bigger for the open this year

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