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Flex Band Training- Can Someone Help Me Out???

Fellas, I’m planning on buying a Flex band to use with my training, but DO NOT know which one to buy. I mainly want to use it for light resistance while doing 45 Degree Back Raises/Hyperextensions to work the posterior chain. I also want to use them for constant tension Tricep Pushdowns inside of the power rack. Which one should I go with? The mini band that provides 5-25lbs of resistance? Or the light band provides 30-50lbs of resistance. What do you think?

for those things you would want the light band…and with a light band you can do gm’s and leg curls also…bm

How did you use it for Leg Curls? Was It single leg Leg Curls?

there seated leg curls…you choke it around a base and put sit on a bench about 3-4 feet from the base wrap your legs into the band and curl…bm

if you go to the elite fitness systems exersice index there is a pic also…bm