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Fletch's Traditional Periodization Log


I'm going to try something much simpler than westside and somewhat similar to the split I did at the powerlifting club at La Tech.

For most training start with 7RM for 5x5 and work on getting down to 4 sets, than go up 10lb. Exception is deadlift which progresses through lowering rest periods while maintaining good form. Keep assistance general. Speed variants of mostly straight weight for high volume.

If peaking transition to 4-5x3 at 85% for so many weeks
More specific assistance. Speed variants with more acc. resistance lower volume. More barbell work.

Then, peak. Refer to an article with a good author to see how.
Supramaximal work. Very specific RE work. Low volume and heavy.

Speed work varied by rep scheme and acc. resistance and sometimes movement.

Vertical Pulling covered by weekly chins. At least 150 a week. On heavier phases, bump volume down and use weighted chins.

3-4 days a week (example week):

Sunday/Monday Squat


paused squat for speed

db RDL

good/bad girl machine


Tuesday/Wednesday Bench


Speed Bench (no acc. resist.)

one arm db press

face pull w/ pulley or bands, seated db clean and press, cuban press, standing one arm cable row, etc


Thursday/Friday Deadlift 80 percent still, but 5x3 more emphasis on form than other lifts. Progress by decreasing rest.

Hang Snatch (invigorating and stimulating, no where close to exhausting)


land mine rows w/ chains
1x max reps

DB Walking Lunge


Friday/Saturday Muscle Day for Upper Mostly

crazy weight benching or inch off chest isometric

push ups

shoulder isolation work

upper back

back ext. for pump and recovery

maybe even calf work if I'm feeling a little nuts


Nice, I'm in. Looking forward to seeing how you progress doing good old linear periodization. I still thinks it works if done consistently.


Starting with a bang!
Friday: Deadlift Day

Hang Snatches
will have to work up to 10x3 without feeling worn down after

415x3 60s rest
415x3 60s rest
415x3 90s rest
415x3 150s rest
I'll start with 90s rest next time, forgot how tough DLing for reps is
I really liked the technique of my hips coming from under to position rather than top-down. Felt like my back was tighter and in a better arch and I got more hip drive and a more consistent position.

Cable Pull Through
Start with 170 next time

Walking Long Stride DB Lunges
20lbx2x24 steps

High Pulley Side Pull w/ Pause


It looks pretty good. Why exactly have you left the conjugated method, for a change of pace, or to see if linear periodization will still work for you?

Either way I will continue to follow your log, even though you have left the awesomeness of the conjugate method. :wink:


I want to give linear periodization a good chance to see if it's a more optimal way of training. It seems like the most the raw guys putting up big numbers seem to follow some form of it. And if I'm able to add more weight to my volume work, how could that not mean I'm getting stronger.

I've tried using Prilepin's table with high frequency lifting and got mediocre results strength wise. So now I'm trying just repping out and a low frequency approach. Approaching this type of training from a different angle to see if I get different results.

I remember when I worked out with the PL club where I got my BS, my strength gains came so fast my joints couldn't catch up. I'm hoping I might see that again. If does work out that good I'll have to add in a deload week of some sort.


Chin Challenge

38 in 5 minutes


I'm really liking the look of your training, looks quite similar to mine. Are your starting weights right now, for the 5x5 sets on squat and bench, 80% of your max? Is this a real max, or training max? I don't even know how you can do a 5x5 squat with your 7RM lol. What kind of rest periods are you taking between your 5x5 squat sets? Sorry for all the questions.


It might be a little too aggressive... I think I'll start with 75 percent and if it's too light, the very nature of the progression will bring the weight to where it needs to be.

Deads are a different rep scheme with a different measure of progress if you look back in my notes... I'm still working the kinks out on this one but I'm thinking starting with 90s and eventually end up with 120-150. The goal will be to get all sets down to 90s without using bad form. I'll have to play it by ear to see if this is too aggressive or not. I do deads a little differently because they tax my muscle, cns, and joints so much more than anything else so I need to tone it down.


I see. I look forward to seeing how you progress.


Monday Squat Day

Power Snatch
Need to reduce weight and increase volume

315x5 120s rest
315x5 120s
315x5 150s
315x5 195s
315x5 last 2 reps were grinders with lots of knee cave in

feet high and wide stance leg press
4ppsx3x10 90s/set

db 1L RDL
20lb/handx2x12 60s
emphasis on perfecting form and not wobbling

leg raise holding foam roller tightly inbetween legs
2x20 45s


Wednesday Bench Day

forgot about plyos... oops

maybe next time I'll have 25 reps in 4 sets, I'm feeling it

DB JM Press mechanical drop set to neutral grip bp

db just under 45 degree incline press


Recovery Running/Incline Walking
jogged a mile at a really easy pace then for 10 more minutes walked up a steep incline at 3mph
mostly just getting some running practice in and work out the metabolites built up from squatting on monday


Friday Deadlift Day

Hang Snatch
these felt easier and more explosive than last week

90s rest between each set
form was clean and snappy each set
upping weight 10lb next time

band back extension
3x10 60s rest

20lbx32 steps
20lbx28 steps

high side pull

good/bad girl machine
2x10 5 second holds

walk/run with dog; just whatever she could keep up with.


Oh, okay. I'll continue to watch you.

I personally like the flexibility of the conjugate method, and the ability to bring up extremely stubborn lifts that could use building instead of training. (squat, and bench)

Oh, I had hit a 285X5 wide stance squat yesterday with still more in me, I probably had more in me, but I felt my chest caving (even though it didn't appear in the video), and my IT band was complaining.

I've found that stopping just slightly below parallel (about a half inch to inch) makes it a lot easier on your hip flexors/hip joint/IT band while giving a much stronger position. From the video it looked like I had another rep left.

Also, a 285X5 squat with plenty of room left for weight may not sound like much, but this May I had been crushed by 295 with a wide stance, and the squat has always been my hardest to progress lift. I could probably have even gotten a rough 295X5 yesterday if I had went for it.


Saturday light upper

plyo push ups (clap then return with barely any elbow bend)
8x3 30s rest

Chest Pause 2in off Chest Pause

Push Ups
15 6

1 arm standing cable row

back raise w/ rear delt raise at top
2x10 w/ 5lb

flies mostly just for stretching shoulders and pecs


Monday [b]SSSKKKWWATTTZZZZ!!11!!!1![/b]

Power Snatch
stopped when the low back pump was perfect for keeping my arch for squats

got light headed, spaced out, and saw spots I tried to poke at with my index finger, I don't know why......
started at 180s rest, went on to 260s
bump up weight next time

paused leg press

leg raise


Wednesday Bench

med ball push throws into wall then catch


plyo chins

Bench Press
go up 10lb next time
gotta work on being faster with the set up and being more aggressive and snappier with the reps

incline db press
could use more weight next time

db jm press to neutral grip db press mech. drop set


Awful news... due to health screening Army won't accept me, seeing if there's an appeal process but not getting my hopes up... at least I had the iron.


Thursday Pulls

hang snatch
grip felt tired, might start using straps so I can focus more on hip snap than holding the bar tightly

395x5x3 90s rest between sets
form was ok, but I want the reps snappier and faster next time, will keep the same weight for next time

unilateral hip thrusters bw only

walking lunges

high pulley side pull
try more weight, see if it works

upper body conditioning:
battle ropes for 10 minutes

Saturday bodybuilding upper

pushup plyos

pause bench to pause at sticking point (right after I lose the initial pop from my lats half way up)

1 arm standing cable row
good lat pump and stabilization demands

chest flies
focus on stretch and constant tension

rear delt raises

ab machine next to the back raise

lower body conditioning
tire flipping for 10 minutes




Monday Squat Day

Power Snatches
Felt slow and not snappy and sloppy and I couldn't help it.

Very little pop and snap and couldn't get the bar up fast at all
wasn't planning on deloading, but decided to cut my losses and not try to get those 2 extra sets

Easy Abs

Upper Body Conditioning for 10 minutes

Not the workout I expected, but I'm not too surprised I needed a deload either. I didn't take any rest between westside and this and it's been forever since I've deloaded in general.


This rep scheme and progression is too much.

Will use 9x3 at 70 percent. 2 compound exercises afterwords. 1st for 3x8 and 2nd for 2x12. Will work these fairly hard for muscle gain.

Bench Example:

light plyos for a little warm up and activation (push-throws, juggles, speed rows)


incline db press

db JM press

machine or cable row

maybe some upper arm work, maybe not

upper back/RC work

light abs

lower body conditioning for 10 minutes

Same 9x3 for lower, but will do barbell speed work for 24 reps, and just one big compound after main lift

Squat Example:

Power Snatch


SSB lunge

1L db RDL

heavy abs

upper body conditioning

DL Example:

Hang Snatch


1L hip thrusters (weighted in necessary)

Easy and Light Leg press to pump

heavy abs

upper conditioning

example upper bb day:

More intense speed work than other upper day and as I have done the last 2 weeks