Fletch's MMA Log

I recently joined an MMA gym.

I have lots of power. Not too surprising since I’m naturally explosive and have been doing PL type training on and off for 10 years, but almost always training hard.

Big 3:
445 Squat
285 Bench
500 DL

Not a whole lot of need to get much, if any stronger

Height: 5’ 9.5"
Weight: 195

I should be able to lose 10 more without dropping strength much if any. I’m a bit softer than I like, especially around the midsection.

Physical Weaknesses:
1. Muscle Endurance- My breath isn’t what runs out, it’s mainly my mid-section and shoulders that run of out of steam. This is getting trained very well in the MMA gym 3x week for 2 hours 2x week and 1 hour 1x week.

  1. Ability to display power repeatedly

  2. Ability to display power ‘rotationally’

Heavy Upper Movements (Heavy defined as 80% or more)
-Weighted Pushups
-Close Grip BP w/ mini bands
-Push Press

Heavy Lower Movements
-Jefferson DL (straddle deadlift)
-Front Squat Box Squat
-Half Squat Zercher from Pins

DE Upper
-push up w/ a Light Band or a mini

  • 8 sets, 5 reps, 30s rest between sets

DE Lower

  • Manta Ray Box Squat w/ Light Band
  • 8 sets, 5 reps, 30s between sets

Upper Plyos

  • Bosu Ball Push Up plyo 10x5 30s
  • seated wall throw from both sides and in front

Lower Plyos

  • Kneeling Jump Forward; will have to figure out set/rep scheme
  • plyo lateral lunge

Upper Assistance

  • Standing 1-Arm Band Press
  • kroc row
  • rope press down w/ flared elbows (build meat on elbow for protection)
  • rope curls, just superset with press downs

Lower Assistance

  • Diagonal Lunge
  • Straight Leg Hip Thrust to Leg Curl
  • band good/bad girls while bridging

Direct abs covered in classes

Day 1:
Upper and Lower Plyos 1
Heavy Upper
DE Lower

Day 2:
Heavy Lower
DE Upper

Day 3:
Upper and Lower Plyo 2

Heavy Legs/DE Upper

Kneeling Leap into wide squat stance to box jump
5x5 (two jumps per rep so more like 10x5)

High Front Box Squat
Good work, but didn’t wear me down too much

Chain Bench Press

I’ve had enough time to adjust, time to start good weight work.


  1. Maintain Strength and Muscle
  2. Translate Strength into More Planes of Motion
  3. Translate Strength into Speed and Power

Main lifts to be used:
Manta Ray Squat w/ 50lbs Chains
Floor Press
Power Clean & Push Press

Protocol for Main Lifts:
8x2, 7x2, 6x2 waving 70-80% of variation’s max for speed
then Work up to RPE 8-9 waving 8, 5, 3
over 3 week waves

Tomorrow (as an example going forward):
Kneel to Lunge at diagonal of box then Lunge Jump Onto Box

MRBS w/ Chains 235x8x2 260ishx8

Split Stance Land Mine Press 3x10
supersetted w/
Land Mine 1Arm Rows 3x10

Cossak Warrior Lunge
Push Up
Renegade Rows


Push Up Plyo where I explosively push myself up and use the momentum to reach up to the sky with one hand while letting the momentum carry myself side facing the ground.

MRBS w/ 50lb Chains
265x5 RPE 10
Screw it, I’ll do 5/3/1 DE style, but keep the same movements

1Arm DB Push Press in Staggered Stance
50x2x10 for each arm
supersetted w/
DB Row
50x2x12 for each arm

Went home, skipped the circuit since BJJ practice was today and did plenty of rolling before hand.

TM’s for Major LIfts (90% of True Max)

MRBS w/ Chains 4steps+top: 300
Blue Slingshot BP: 270
Power Clean and Push Press: 185

Work up to an RPE 8-9 on Week 3

Week 1:
MRBS 225x5x5
Blue Sling Shot Press: 200x5x5
Power Clean and Push Press: 135x5x5

Week 2:
MRBS: 255x5x3
Blue Sling Shot BP: 230x5x3
Power Clean and Push Press: 155x5x3

Week 3:
MRBS: 285x5x1
Blue Slingshot BP: 255x5x1
Power Clean and Push Press: 175x5x1

Wednesday (last night)

Power Skipping supersetted w/ Rotational Med Ball Floor Slams
1 back and forth w/ 8 slams 45s rest
-easy with the power skipping, keep the hops lower for now to keep my ankles safe

MRBS w/ 50lb chains
225x5x5 Too much weight, need to back down to 205

Push Up w/ 70lb
supersetted w/
DB Rows