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Fletch's Concurrent, Block, and Cybernetic Training Hybrid Log

The plan is tentative as of this moment.

Movements and Training “True” Maxes (i.e. conservative estimates):
Manta Ray Squat: 365
Dips (including bodyweight): 270
Power Clean to Push Press: 185

Training Maxes
Manta Ray Squat: 310
Dips (including bodyweight): 230
Power Clean to Push Press: 155

Tentative 12ish Week Layout

Cycle 1
Work up to TM for PR set, but don’t go all out. This way, I have more energy left for more volume on down sets.

Cycle 2
Go all out for the PR set. Downsets done by feel for the day but erring on the low side.

Cycle 3 (2 weeks)
Incorporate joker sets

Cycle1: Week1: Power Clean to Push Press Session

Power Clean to Push Press


I saw your recent post in the Wendler forum and thought it’d be cool if you kept a log, so this is nice to see.

Looks like a good set up. I’ll be following along.


Cool deal. Thanks!

For the past half year I’ve been experimenting with some different things involving lifting, but now I need something more structured to keep me more honest and accountable. Having someone follow a log only helps with that. Thanks again.

I was worried that the power clean to push press would be too upper body dominant because my push press is only about 80% of my power clean, but it seems to work my lower body just as well because of the leg drive of the push press. I’m sticking with that.

If you don’t see me recording assistance lifts, it’s because it’s highly variable and depends on what’s aching and how crazy my shifts have been with my physically demanding job. Mostly, it’s just some work to help increase work capacity, work on some niggles and pains, and help flesh out some of the areas the main work just gloss over.

Actually… now that I remember, I do better doing the volume work on a main lift before doing the heavy work. It makes it harder, so I have to work up to the PR whether it’s an RPE or true PR after having done the volume. Then if I try to work up fresh, I’m stronger and I progress faster without my body breaking down as much.

Anyway, today’s training session, don’t have my manta rays yet, lost the old one:

High Bar Squat
330x2 RPE 9-10

If I’m going to do it this way, I need to lower the training max.

Also, fuck it! This is the “I do what I want!!!” log now.

Okay, I’m still going to base my program off of very broad 5/3/1 principles. Pretty much the same broad principles of any strength/athletic program.

The more I think about doing this, the more bored and depressed I feel about it. I’ve become addicted to the heavy weights and PR’s of Westside type training methods. I’m going to stick with something like that.

Major Points:

  • 2 big lifts each training day or 1 whole body lift with more assistance: an upper and lower
  • one lift is a modified ME and the other a dynamic/rep
  • stick with big heavy movements for the two main ones

Lower ME’s

  • Manta Ray Squat
  • High Bar Above Parallel Box Squat
  • Front Squat

Upper ME’s

  • Standing Arms 90 Degrees Pin Presses
  • Tricep Focused Dips
  • Floor Press

Whole Body ME’s

  • Power Clean to Push Press
  • Power Snatch
  • Hang Clean to Press

Lower RE

  • Oly Squat
  • Leg Press
  • Good Morning

Upper RE

  • Weighted Push Ups
  • DB Incline Press
  • DB press

Whole Body RE: Keep these for very high reps for work after main whole body work instead of regular conditioning

  • Dumbbell Clean and Push Press
  • 1 Arm DB Snatch
  • Thrusters

This Week For Example:

Thursday (today):

  • Tricep Focused Dip
    • work up to RPE 8-9 triple, take 90% and do 5x2
  • Leg Press
    • 4x8, challenging, but not deathly


  • Hang Clean to Press
    • work up to RPE 8-9 triple, take 90% and do 5x2
  • 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatches (done as a metabolic finisher)


  • Front Squat
    • work up to RPE 8-9 triple, take 90% and do 5x2
  • Weighted Push Up
    • 4x8, challenging, but not deathly

After having done a few sessions and getting a feel for how Oly’s work for me, I feel pretty confident about how I want to set things up. I’ll consider the Oly’s my explosive and heavy back movement with additional bennies and costs.

With this setup, I’ll be able to effectively run a couple sessions back to back days if necessary and still do pretty well.

Heavy- any kind of work involving loads 85% or more

Light- not really light, just work done with big free weight movements 60-80%

BB- bodybuilding type movements and rep schemes

Day 1
Heavy Upper/ Light Lower/ Chins

Day 2
Light Oly/ BB Compound Upper Push/ BB Isolation Lower

Day 3
Heavy Lower/ Light Upper/ BB Back

Day 4
Heavy Oly/ BB Isolation Shoulders and Arms/ BB Compound Lower

–Sessions done already–

Heavy Upper w/ leg presses and something else unimportant I forgot:
-worked up to 265x3 RPE 8.5 (including bw); back off sets with 235x5x3
Leg Presses
-got a pretty good pump and burn

Heavy Whole Body:
Power Snatch
-165x3 RPE 9; back off sets 135x5x3
DB Incline BP
-good pump and burn
Band Leg ext. superset w/ Band Leg Curl
-good pump and burn

Heavy Lower/ Light Upper/ BB Back:
Manta Ray Slightly High Box Squat
Never Did these before, I think they’ll be great for developing explosive knee drive from how they went
-315x3 RPE 8.5; back off sets 285x4x3
Standing Strict Press
-115x4x5 with 45-60s rest intervals
Cable Rows w/ Close Neutral Grip Attachment Using Form that Makes it a Vertical/Horizontal Pull Hybrid
-50lbx3x12 60s rest

Indicator Lifts:

Power Clean to Push Press: Measure of P-chain explosiveness and strength and explosiveness of arms and shoulder girdle

Power Snatch: True measure of P-chain power and speed

Manta Ray Free Squat: Overall lower body strength and midsection, upper back, and pelvolumbar rigidity.

Dips: Measure of upper body pressing strength



Heavy work:
-Take things up to 85-90%ish to an RPE 8-9
-Do back off sets 90% of what I worked up to

Lighter Work:
-60 to 70% using reps/sets loosely following prilepin’s table
-or speed work following something resembling a lactic acid training wave ala Westside

BB Work
-Crank up the volume and chase the pump (3x12, 4x8, 6x6, even higher reps for isolation, etc)


ME Work:
-90 to 100% of max at an RPE 9-10
-may or may not do back off sets, but they will be 85% or more of a predicted max if done

Light or DE work:
-use heavier bands or chains for any DE work, keep the straight weight the same
-70 to 80% for work based off of Prilepin’s table

BB Work
-Lower end of hypertrophy range (3x8, 4x6, 5x5, etc)