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FLETC for Rural Law Enforcement

I know we have some US LEOs on this board. There’s a training opportunity I wanted to make you aware of.

FLETC Artesia in NM is going to be offering a 15 week residential training program called the Rural Police Officer Training Program. It focuses on the needs of law enforcement in remote and rural areas, and is designed around a “policing alone” approach that assumes backup is not readily available. Given our discussions on this board of multiple attacker scenarios, you can see why this training might be helpful.

Keep an eye on www.fletc.gov/osl if you’re interested. If your department can’t afford the training FLETC has a grant program that can cover some (maybe even all) costs. PM me if you need suggestions on what to do on your weekends in Artesia.

Is this offered by BORTAC, and only for state and local LEO’s? Pretty nice deal if you can get to go to this training…Artesia ummm not so much! lol

I don’t think it’s BORTAC as an organization, but a lot of BORTAC guys end up filtering through the academy as firearms and PT instructors.

And yes, Artesia was selected as a training site because it is remote, arid, and completely devoid of valuable property that might be damaged by stray rounds.

Edit to add: yes, this is state and local only. Tribal and feds have separate classes available.