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Flaxseeds: Milled vs. Whole


Subject says it all. What are the nutritional differences (if any) between miled flax seeds and whole flax seeds. Besides digestion rate, I suspect "not much". But you never know.




The raw seeds passed righ through me intact when I took them, so I suspect that they serve as a good fiber source but not much else. I put the ground meal in anything and everything I can.


Since ground flaxseed is more expensive, it was suggested to me by a client to buy the seeds whole and use a coffee grinder to grind them fresh right before use. You save money, get the most out of the product, and get a longer shelf life out of them that way.

If you ingest them whole, they just pass right through your body. If ground, your body can digest the nutrients in the seeds.


Must grind or get meal to get the goods. simple as that.

If your just looking for volume to be full without an impact on K/cals whole. waste IMO though.


The flaxseed coat is made of indigestible fiber. I buy them whole and then grind them in a cheap coffee grinder, it works pretty well


Perfect Timing on the thread - I'm starting the V-Diet tomorrow and couldn't find any Milled Flax Seeds so this is great.



Awesome! Thanks for the replies everyone.

Now, for question 1.b: What if I chew the #^&%^@!% out of them?



Then you get a good jaw workout - try not to work till failure, it ain't pretty :wink:

If you can chew them until they're paste, then I don't think your stomach will know the difference between that and milled seeds, except for the addition of a lot of saliva.


Just make sure you do a good stretch afterwards, or DOMS will be a bitch.