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Flaxseeds = lowered T level?

I just read an article that says that the lignans in flaxseeds fight cancer of the prostate by lowering testosterone. It stated that T levels fell, but sex drive did not.
I always thought prostate problems were caused by a high estrogen to testosterone ratio (I know there’s more involved).
The research was conducted by Duke University.
Lowering T ! Anyone know about this?


This was addressed in a previous post. I believe the general consensus was that the lignan in flax won’t make a significant dent in T-levels. Anyway, you can get lignan free flax, if you prefer.

I read an article in a Toronto paper a few weeks back that reported on this. The slant on the article was that it was benificial to lower T for the prostate. As far as I’m concerned, anything that lowers T in a male cannot be benificial for anything. They trying to turn us all into Jared from Subway or what??? If you go back and read TC’s article Estrogen’s Dirty Little Secret, he reveals some evidence that estrogen does cause prostate problems (maybe moreso that DHT).
My understanding is that the flax seeds may lower T and raise estrogen but the flax oil will not. Can anyone concur?