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Anyone use ever use flaxseed? Any input or comments about it?


Use them in shakes,in salads,with oatmeal on carb-up days.Tastes pretty good,high fiber and EFA content.


Put a few drops under your tongue. Good luck.



Udo's oil. Do a search. Pretty good stuff.





Are you talking about the oil? Or the seeds?
I use flaxseed oil. It contains ALA which is turned into omega 3 in the body, thus helping to correct the omega 3/6 balance.

Flaxseed in itself, I've never used. It's pretty worhtless imho, especially if you don't break the seeds. Unbroken seeds will leave the body in the same state as they intered it.
And I don't want to know how many of the broken seeds you need to swallow before getting any reasonable amount of flaxseed oil.


Thanks for the info. We were looking to get some to supplement in our meals at the firehouse. I didn't know the oil would be more effective than the seeds. Makes since.


Fire... No the flax meal is Great it is ground up seeds Cheap a great source of both fat and fiber as well as other benefits of the flax seeds, even a bit of protein.

there are 60 k/cals in a simple 2 tables spoons. 4.5 g of good fats 4 carbs from fiber and 3 grams of protien .

Its awesome is shakes and salads.

So that 2 tablks sponns is like taking 4 1/2 gel caps the stuff is as cheap as oatmeal and its good in your oat meal.

One thing though I personally limit my intake two a serving every day or every other day. This after LL mentioning it. He now also limits his flax intake JUST incase. Looking into flaxmeal and the flax oils they May have some of the same effects of soy with the phytoestrogen though they seem to be weaker. They may inhibit anabolism and effect metabolism and protein synthesis to an extent. Also the important part is the EPA/DHA and the conversion of the flax fats in the body is LOW. Sop you are better off with fish opils which require no conversion.

If I were to choose one it would be Fish Oils they should be an everyday supp. The on top of that throw in Flax and walnuts and fatty fish your well on your way to getting those omega 3's. The omega 6'6 and sat fats are not a problem in todays world.

Hope that helps,


Actually, some would disagree about the oil being better than the seeds. The seeds also give you a good source of fiber and are less expensive. They need to be ground (not eaten whole) to get the benefits.

I like to buy them in bulk (very cheap) and grind a small batch at a time (blender or coffee grinder) and keep that in the fridge. I add about 2 Tbsp a day to my diet, in my oatmeal, shakes, whatever. I also use fish oil, it seems to be slightly more favorable than flaxseed oil, especially for men. Good luck!


Yup we must have been typing the same time.


Anyone have any idea what the deal is with Biotest's plans for a fat supplement?


I was going to buy fish oil supps, but i read that they are bad in some way and that i should use flaxseed oil instead. Is it true they can be negative twoards your health?



Fish oil BAD NO!!! I would say they are better than flax. Flax having to be converted in the body to create the EPA/DHA, the fish oils dont. I consider fish oils a staple and flax a time to time good source of fats.

As for Biotest fish oil. Dont know cant wait,. I imagine it takes a bit of time to create something PERFECT and Cutting edge. Accheiving just the right fat profile.

Cant wait to see it however


damnit, i need to pay more attention while reading.

the site i read was: http://www.berkeleywellness.com/html/ds/dsFishOil.php

if you look closely you can see half their negative effects are in 'large doses'. which is not even defined. yeah...i guess ill have to finish off these flaxseed oil supps now :slight_smile: