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Flaxseed VS Linseed Oils and Fat Fast

I know that this question has been asked before but I did a search and nobody gave a decent answer. What is the difference between these two oils. The search told me that The distinction seems to be that linseed oil is 'industrial' grade and flaxseed oil is 'nutritional' grade (i.e. they're subjected to very different processing standards). With this said - is linseed oil a suitable replacement to flaxseed oil for Fat Fast? My local health food store sells Linseed oil and the price is good. Should I buy it?

There is no difference. Make sure that it is cold pressed without solvents. However, check out John Berardi’s take on alpha linolenic-acids in a recent ‘appetite for construction’ column.

What type of solvents should I be looking for (or looking to avoid in that case) - will they be listed on the label?

Bloatbag Stu - do you happen to know the issue # for that appetite for construction articele? I did a search but I could not find it.

Not sure which solvents to avoid my friend, but the brand that I use makes a point of saying ‘100% solvent free’. JB’s article is in ‘Appetite for Construction’ issue 167. Basically he says that flax oil is not always converted to DHA and EPA metabolites successfully and therefore it is worth using both fish oils and flax oils. If you’re concerned about maintaining a precise calorific deficit then adjust the amounts of each accordingly. But 6grams of EPA/DHA combined would be a good figure to shoot for. And remember, the more concentrated the fish oil for these metabolites, the less calories you need take in from them. But the article is well worth a read.