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Flaxseed Recipes


I finally found some flaxseeds.

I've gone and added them to my muffins I bake.

Woah! I sound like a girly-man...

These muffins are my pre-workout energy boost. They consist of:

Cup of Almond Meal
Cup of Wholemeal Flour
2 Scoops Whey Powder
1 teasp baking powder
Some spices (nutmeg, cinamin, etc.)
Dried Fruit (pineapple does not taste good with choco protein)
2 Eggs
Some water
And now 12 tblsp flaxseeds! (I try for 12 muffins a batch)

I always forget at least one ingredient. This week was the eggs. The recipe is a rip-off of some recipes I found on the net.

So anyway, what other recipes are there to get some flaxseeds in your diet?


how do your muffins tasts?


'Decent' would be the best word to describe them.

Using the term 'muffin' is using the term very loosely indeed. They are missing some nice tasting fat like butter, some chocolate chips, some sugar, some icing, mmmmmm.....

They're just an easy way of getting a carb and protein hit before a workout.

I'll say one thing. The flaxseed have made them taste a lot better. I'm going to forget the fruit from now on. I'll just eat an apple with 'em.

Oh and I forget another ingredient. Pinch of salt.


I just add them to cottage cheese, PB, or shakes. I like to sprinkle them all over the top of my icy shakes.


make sure they are milled, or you'll just pass them straight through


I used Flax to cover Pork before cooking it. It was delicious!!!


What about adding flax seed to omelettes? Would this be bad if you wanted to lose fat?

i've made it before and it tastes great with milled flax.


I'm gonna have that for breakfast tomorrow! Great idea. Sounds tasty.