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Flaxseed Oil

what is the optimum flax oil intake(mg) for a weight trined induidual. and in your opinion wht will be better hard pressed oil tabs or liquid intake.
any input will be appreciated !

Hey, there, musclenirvana. Re the flaxseed oil, I recommend 1 tablespoon per pound of body weight. I definitely prefer liquid. It’s more cost effective at the amount you’re taking. And the taste, though bland, is quite pleasant, a little bit nutty.

WOW, Tampa-Terry you would have to live in the bathroom if you ate that much Flax. I hope you where only joking :slight_smile:

Wait, 1 tablespoon per pound of body weight?

I am pretty sure Tampa-Terry meant 1 tablespoon per 50lbs of bodyweight.

Egads! A gallon of flaxseed oil per day for some of you big guys out there?!?

My apologies. I have to stop posting late at night when my brain is fried. Please make that 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW.

Sorry, guys.

Speaking of flax seed oil…I have had some HORRIBLE tasting brands in the past. What are some that taste good?? Tampa…any recommendations?

Tony, Flora’s brand is excellent. They’re the manufacturer of Udo’s Choice. Barleans is a good choice, too. Both are time dated. Important with a fragile fatty acid like flaxseed oil that goes rancid easily.

If you just don’t like flaxseed oil, invest in a small coffee grinder and grind your own flaxseeds. If I remember correctly, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed works out to 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil.

Thanks TT…you’re the best. How has your haitus from the forum been treating you? We all miss ya around these parts!..;o)

I am about 170-175lb male, with those reccomendations I should be consuming roughly 3-3.5 tbls a day, I currently am taking in only one with a small salad and tuna, but I have a salmon filet later in the night. Is this a good supplement for the flax oil? What about the amount taken in one meal, how much do you guys and girls usually have with one meal?

Everywhere I find flax oil online, it says to keep it refrigerated. But what about when it’s being shipped? Would this be enough time for it to go bad?

Hey, there, Tony. Life is treating me well. Lately I’ve been lurking more than I have been posting, but old habits die hard, and I find myself replying to a post here and there. (grin)

janderstein, the problem with fresh salmon (unlike canned) is that most of it is farmed and has very little Omega 3 fatty acid value. Even if you eat salmon regularly, I’d supplement with some combination of Udo’s Choice, flaxseed oil and/or fish oil at the 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW.

Unlike vitamins, fatty acids can be taken in in one large single dose, say with your evening protein shake. Break it up if you want, but it’s not necessary to do so.

427SOHCterror, the manufacturers I mentioned probably ship product refrigerated/chilled. From the distributor to you, it’s probably not chilled or packed with ice packs. I usually order timeframe-wise such that my EFAs are not sitting in the warehouse over the weekend.

It’s important to refrigerate upon opening. Flora presses the flaxseeds in an oxygen-free environment. The oil runs through pipes that are filled with argon, if I remember correctly, an inert gas that prevents the flaxseed oil from oxidizing. I wouldn’t worry about the EFAs oxidizing in the short trip to you. All you can hope is that the distributors you order from refrigerate the product until it sells. All you can do is ask and hope they give you an honest answer.

Tampa, thanks I had been wondering about the amount of omega 3 I was losing just cooking my salmon, so lately I have been adding some flax oil over the top of it and my broccoli. It is very tasty on the side, unfortanately right now I am getting ready for a shoot, but I will take heed to your reccomendations of usage when I am done