Flaxseed Oil Pills

Any difference in taking flaxseed oil pills to taking the oil in liquid form?

Same stuff, but you’ll have to take a dozen or so capsules with most brands. Just inconvenient. This is the way it is with Udo’s at least.

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Mostly it’s just price. Capsules are more expensive. Liquid flaxseed oil (or even ground flaxseeds!) are considerably cheaper.

Add it to your protein shakes or pour it over your meat after it’s done cooking. It’s strongly advised that you not cook with flaxseed oil, as it is a very fragile fatty acid.

What is the best way to mask that god awful taste of Udo’s? I have tried it shakes and I can still taste it. I am using the pills now and would like to switch back to the liquid.

Low Carb Grow masks the flavor real well. One of the few protein powders I have tried that has been able to cover it bad taste.

Liquid: take it like a man.

Tablespoon, shotgun it. Finish with water/protein shake chaser. I find that mixing it in with my protein shakes just makes the protein shake taste gross. So I shoot it.

Another good option is to do a tablespoon of olive-oil and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, some vinegar, and make a little emulsion. Throw that on a salad, and it’s not too bad. It’s not thousand-island or catalina, but you’re a grownup now, so you can appreciate the more esoteric flavors and exotic spices.

At least, that’s what my mom keeps telling me.

Dan “manchild” McVicker

Like HHH I also use low carb Grow! for Udo’s.

Great tips! I will use Dan’s idea of having an Udo’s shot before my shake. Thanks everybody.