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Flaxseed Oil Makes Me Fat

I don’t why. Technically it shouldn’t. Every time I supplement 2-3 Tbsp of Flaxseed oil in my diet the waist gets thicker and the fat percentage% goes up (2% sometimes). I quit taking flax 4 weeks ago and replaced it with fish oil caps. I take 7.5 grams combined EPA/DHA which is 300 calories worth. That’s the only change I have made. And ever since I have been losing 2 lbs a week. I haven’t lost any strength and I look better than ever. So far I’ve lost almost 9 lbs in the last 4 weeks. My abs are much better. My friends say that I’ve leaned out noticeably. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t have any hunger pains at nighttime. The only thing I can think of is my body’s conversion of ALA from the Flax wasn’t too sufficient and therefore I lacked in EFA’s. Now that I’m taking in a direct source of EFA’s maybe my body’s functions are running more efficiently. Who knows?..I’m not complaining.

Did you just add the flaxseed oil to your normal diet? Or did you take ~300 cals out of your normal diet and then supplement with the flax oil? You might have went over maintanance if you just added it.

I also dont' think 7.5grams of epa/dha is 300 cals. 7.5grams*9cals/gram = ~67calories

DK, I take 6g of EPA/DHA. Even though EPA & DHA are concentrated, they’re only concentrated to 30% of the fish oil I take. So the 6g is actually part of the 22.5g of fat that I get in my 1.5 tablespoons. Other than that you were right with math.

P.S. Excellent answer. My thoughts exactly. (grin)

The 300 cals from flax were included in my overall diet. They were not extra. I simply substituted fish oil for the flax. Now I’m losing fat at a considerable rate. That’s the thing, the calories haven’t changed. Got a question for you Terry. Being that John B recommends 6-10 grams of combined epa/dha a day, why is that you only take 6 grams instead of 10? I am currently taking only 7.5 because it’s all I can afford right now. Have you experimented with 10 grams or do feel that 6 grams is enough?

Hi, RF. I chose to take 6g for a couple of reasons. One is that I’m not at the high end of the range in the BW department. Another is that I work out roughly 6 hours a week (aerobic & anaerobic), once again, on the low end of the range if you’re talking about athletic effort. My third reason is that I also supplement with flaxseed oil. And since (in an ideal world, if everything is working perfectly enyzmatically) 25-30% of flaxseed is converted to EPA & DHA – and since I also eat tuna or Sockeye salmon on a daily basis – I’m probably getting all I need.

It’s not that I’m afraid of fat. Fat provides me about 40% of my calories – and I’ve been able to lose BF at that percentage, too. I don’t, however, eat any donuts, fried food, trans-fatty acids or hydrogenated oils.

As much as I am a student of fatty acid metabolism, I have no idea why making the change from flaxseed oil to fish oil would cause you to lose weight. With the success you’re enjoying, I doubt you would be willing to switch back to flax to see if you plateaud again. Whatever the reason, congratulations on your fat loss!!! And if it ain’t broke . . . (grin)