Flaxseed oil after a workout!!!

I read this on Flex Wheeler’s web site:

I wanted to explain the method of why we choose certain foods a little bit, because the same concept applies when choosing supplements for your post workout liquid drink. I have found the best drink to be one that contains around 50 grams whey concentrate (or isolate) for your protein needs, and around 100 grams of high glycemic (GI) carbs, such as that found in many sports drinks at the gym or health food store. But, don’t fret. You can make your own using grape juice if you want. Go for what you can afford and what tastes best to you. Lastly, and believe it or not, a little of the right type of fat in the drink will help increase anabolic hormone levels with regards to testosterone, but also aids in glycogen storage. Remember, our glycogen stores are now depleted because of our workout. It’s time to fuel the tank, so to speak, and these three items do the trick. Oh, I forgot to tell you what type of fat. What we want here is flaxseed oil. Flax is an excellent source of cold processed oil not only for health, but also for fat loss and muscle gain. This little unknown fat belongs in the refrigerator of every serious lifter, right along with chicken, eggs and red meat. Be sure to read the bottle on proper storage. One teaspoon is fine. Don’t worry, you will barely know it is even there. Add some ice and a little water for texture to these ingredients, blend it up, and chug it down. Afterwards, drink a couple large glasses of cold water.

I thought fat was a no no after a workout? Although since i read this about 2 weeks ago i have added flax in my post workout drink.

Flex could eat Burger King after his workout and he’d still be huge and ripped. He’s on steroids and has unreal genetics. He’s got a little more leeway than us average guys I think.

Well, if a big roided up genetic mutant said it, it must be true!!! I mean, forget the implants, Synthol, and thousands of dollars worth of steroids, GH, and other drugs-- nah, must be the flax oil post-workout!

Just yanking your chain, but this is the classic mistake of “A big guy said it, it must be true and overpowers what the nutrition experts and scientists say.”

That dude is so juiced up, he could eat dog shit all day and still be bigger than any of us could ever dream.

Slane, don’t add flax to your post workout drink. It ends up tempering the insulin surge, and that’s pretty much the one time you WANT a surge of insulin.

The REASON i did it is because i thought there must be a reason he puts flaxseed oil in his post workout shake. Why the fuck would he add it if it is useless?
I did NOT add it in so i though i would look like Flex, i just thought it must have some use if he does add it in thats all.

Slaine, here’s a different answer. If you’re using a combination of simple carbs and maltodetrin, the glycemic index is so high that 1 tsp. of flax isn’t going to diminish much, if at all, the insulin boost–fat digests slower than carbs. Berardi, in fact, has been writing about how fat in a meal doesn’t diminish the insulin response of carbs much. However, after a workout, the blood is around the muscles for a good while, and you want protein at that time. The presence of ANY kind of carbs will slow the absorption of the protein because the blood isn’t in the digestive system. The presence of fat would slow it even more. So it seems to me that the issue is not an insulin boost but the absorption of protein. I know of 2 post-workout approaches that deal with the fact that carbs slow protein absorption: (1) the Serrano, di Pasquale way prescribes free form aminos or whey protein immediately after the workout, with carbs & protein about 30 minutes later (di Pasquale) or an MRP an hour later (Serrano). (2) The John Berardi way prescribes a super fast acting protein at the same time as the simple carbs so that they can be digested at nearly the same rate in order to get biggest insulin boost possible at the same time as the protein absorption. Flex Wheeler is juiced up, but if you want to include flax during the post-workout window, I would take just protein immediately after the workout, wait an hour and have a liquid meal (with carbs and high protein including the flax). It is true that the muscles love the EFAs. See what happens. Brian