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Flax with FIber. BAD IDEA?!?

Will dietary fiber inhibit Flax Oil absorption?

Should I minimize fiber when consuming flax?

If it were bad that would mean consuming flaxseeds in their natural state would be bad…

Berardi mentions here that soluble fiber can inhibit nutrient absorption, stating that the sponge-like solution created by soluble fiber will bind to nutrients, thereby “Providing a physical barrier that reduces the mixing of food with digestive enzymes, thus preventing some digestion from occurring,” and “Interfering with enzymatic breakdown of proteins or lipids via interference with the enzymes themselves.”


However- insoluble fiber does not have the same effect, so if you’re really concerned about interference with nutrient absorption, it seems that insoluble fiber would be a better choice to combine with the flax oil.

Also, the fiber in flaxseeds in INsoluble, so in addition to being a great fiber source and tasting way better than straight flax oil, the seeds shouldn’t inhibit your body’s absorption of the fat.