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Flax vs Fish

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the benifits of fish oil. As far as I can tell it’s because of the Omega-3s. So wouldn’t that make flax seed oil just as good? What are the differences between the two?

I think it takes longer for the Omega 3’s in flax to accumulate and absorb. I think fish oil should always be supplement numero uno!


They contain different types of omega 3s. The ALA form contained in flax and walnuts must be converted to DHA and EPA, the omega 3s found in fish. The rate of conversion is quite low - between 5-15%.


Thanks for the replies and especially the link. I personally take fish oil but my Dad takes flax ssed oil. I just wanted to make sure it was worthwhile to suggest to him to change to fish oil. Thanks again.

Flax has to be converted in the body bt a less than effecient process to create EPA/DHA where as fish oils etc dont they contain the EPA/DHA. if its one or the other take fish oil.

I think ground flax is worth including in the diet for the lignans and fiber, but I wouldn’t waste my money on flax oil - definitely fish oil is preferable.