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Flax vs. Fish Oil

What is the difference between flax and fish oil?

I am slightly fat phobic. What benfits do consuming these and other fats have?

I weigh 170lbs. How much flax and or fish oil should I use?

Hey, fedorov, do a search on EPA and/or DHA on the forum and in the articles. From there do a search for “The Fat Round Table.”

If you want to grow and want high(er) T levels and a higher state of health and cognition, you’re going to need to get over that fat phobia.

I agree with Tampa Terry. Fish Oil is extremely beneficial not just for T-levels but for general heart health and the Omega-3 fatty acids from it are a natural anti-inflammatory. It also affects other numerous metabolic functions that would take forever to write about. So get over your phobia and start taking them! Your body can’t produce them so you need to get them via consuming fish or supplementation. Flax seed oil also has Omega-3’s, but it takes longer for your body to absorb them as compared to fish oil. Outside of fish, flax seed oil has the greatest quantity of Omega-3’s. However, I recommend Carlson’s Fish Oil as it is free of mercury, PCB’s, and other metals. Just my 2 cents.